Jerafi Levass




Green/Yellow (#aeff00)

Typing Quirk

< types inside tags; no capitalization; >


The rune "Jera", which is also your namesake



Strife Specibus


SGRUB Session


Duchess of Imagination


Land of Rivers and Concrete

Dream Self






Team Position

Tag-along kid












(Still editing this!)

>Be the quirky girl.Edit

Your name is JERAFI LEVASS. You are a quirky young troll, and probably the most annoying one too. You are a little bit NAIVE and INNOCENT, which is enough to get CULLED on Alternia, but your insane LUCK and CLUELESSNESS have managed to save you every time so far. It doesn't help that you have a bad habit of BUMBLING into dangers and tense situations. Not that you ever realised any of this, though, since you are a COMPLETE AIRHEAD.

You have a love for COMPUTERS, and anything technical. You could probably easily rise to fame as a PRODIGY HACKER, but you waste all your time coding SILLY COMPUTER GAMES with BUNNIES instead of doing anything useful.

You are an EXCELLENT LISTENER, and this had made into your friends personal THERAPIST. While you really do love helping your dear friends, knowing everyone's secrets and stories have made you very NERVOUS and AWKWARD when talking to them. You also have a problem KEEPING TRACK of who have told you what, which have led to many MISUNDERSTANDINGS in the past. But let's not bring that uo again, o-okay?

Examine SELFEdit

You are a little SHORT troll, who is often mistaken for being much younger than you really are. Your small stature if of no concern for you though, You are are wearing a white t-shirt with an ADORABLE DRESS with big pockets. They're useful for carrying around all your TOOLS and stuff. You do not care about fashion, and find it a boring waste of time for uninteresting people!

Examine HiveEdit

You live in a large TOWN, in a minimal RESPITEBLOCK.

Do Something AwesomeEdit

Examine AbilitiesEdit

>Examine physical abilitiesEdit

What abilities? You are a TECHNICIAN, not a fighter! You like to think of your self as a FEROCIOUS FIGHTER, but that's really a LIE. You fight like a one solar sweep old wriggler.

>Examine physical abilitiesEdit

You have EXTREMELY GOOD LUCK, which have saved you from many dangers. This could be an amazing advantage during your session, but sadly you are just to DENSE to understand your ability.



Examine ChumprollEdit


Art GalleryEdit

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