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Lily Unheil







CCD: Y∞u see f∞lks, this is what we c∞mm∞nly call, 'a fuckin' dimwit'.
CCD: Y∞u're alm∞st as blind as Blindie ∞ver there...


Muse of Life


19 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Tends to use ∞ for 'o', and always ends her -ing words with in'. She swears like a sailor, and is usually very aggressive in her mannerisms and speech patterns, but can turn docile once confronted with something that strikes her.



Fetch Modus

Record Player Maker


Senice Fahren - Rival
Tassik Uskler - Arch Nemisis
Adan Desou - Ex-Boyfriend
coruscatingChampion - Crush...?

Introduction Edit

Session Info


Muse of Life


Land of Illusions and Canyons




ARCD + Record Player


4; or currently known as Alpha

Team Position:

(self-proclaimed) Leader

==> Be The Mysterious Asshole

Your name is LILY.

And god DAMN are you fucking IRRITATED.

Your 'acquaintances' (they're not worth your time to be called 'friends') have fucked up yet another simple MISSION that you set them out to do. You are in the midst of being the TEAM LEADER for your SBURB Psi excursion. It occurs to you (and to your patron troll) that you may be playing this game for the SECOND TIME. This is true. You do not tell your fellow comrades this, however, because they would FUCK THAT UP, too.

Often times, you can be found in front of your MASSIVE FUCKING COMPUTER. This is your base of operations. You're a complex being, having the fortunate intellect to be able to CODE, HACK, and WRITE various programs. You're quite an accomplished COMPUTER ELITIST, and you owe it all thanks to your YEARS OF PRACTICE. It's almost like it's your JOB or something.

You don't make an awful lot of money, but when you do, FUCKING DAMN, do you splurge on GUNS. Particularly, you splurge on ANTIQUE FIRE ARMS, of the often dubious, and World War II era variety. You know so much about them, it's almost as if you WERE THERE WHEN THEY WERE FIRST PRODUCED. This also may or may not be true. It's kind of DUBIOUS in nature.

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