Codexa Sign
Codexa Komoid


Codexa Dream

Codexa Godtier

[Pardon] my [language] but [what] the [F**K] are [you] trying [to] pull?


Sylph of Doom


7.4 Solar Sweeps (16 Earth years)

Typing Style

Alternates brackets on every words and rarely cusses. Types in standard form.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Papers and Breeze


Reading, practicing spells


Drugs (slightly addicted)

Be the bookworm.Edit

Your name is Codexa Komoid.

You like to read literature, both Alternian and English. You have in fact read over a pile of five hundred books. The tendency is that you're an expert admonisher to your friends. But unfortunately, you will use your intellect for evil if you swallow a pill from your "snapper drugs".

You tend to have a little abnormality from your point of view since your lusus is Owlmom. You knew that indigo bloods such as yourself should have a water lusus. But you are alright with her, because some lusus at least picked you. You also admire her for her ways of flying.

Your trolltag is concealedTreatise and you "[tend] to [enclose] some [of] your [words] in [brackets]".

Fun FactsEdit

Codexa came from a derivation of 'library". Komoid came from a derivation of "comedy". Her symbol is a book.

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