Taylor Hunt
Taylor's Symbol

Taylor H


Taylor-God Tier

Hi guys! Hi! How r u?


Rogue of Life


15 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses Texttalk Alot. Has Decent Syntax. Gets Excited!!!


Jagged Arrow Suggesting Voltage

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



S.A.P.S.- Acquaintances

Gramps Ezekel -Guardian

Cousin Finn -Cousin

Lives in



The Land of Hills and Voltage


Old School Rock N Roll, Chatting On Various Social Networking Sites, Ketchup, Makeup, Dating


Jerkfaces, Tensions Within The S.A.P.S.

Session Info


Rogue of Life


Land of Hills and Voltage




Tier 1: Tesla

Tier 2: His Imperial Majesticness (Post Entry)



Team Position:



You are TAYY EZEKEL and boy do you have the voice of reason.


Crassly well spoken and hilarious to boot, Tayy is unmistakable at a party. It almost seems dead without her.


Before the big day, Tayy was an outsider to the group. She grew up with her crazy old grandpa and strange cousin in Pennsylvania. It was here that she met Lizz Alcard, Wren McClaw, and Joan Dargon in school. The four became friends and was recommended to the S.A.P.S. by them. She may not have attended the first annual S.A.P.S. meeting, but she had an equally special initiation.

After awhile, Tayy was initiated via creep candlelit ceremony and all from the confines of Joan's basement. After the weird thing, they made matching coats, adopted names and colors for each respective person, and forged a lasting friendship.

The friendship lasted that way for seven years and still is going, except Tayy's has become strained due to conflicts and her move from Pennsylvania to Florida. She still keeps in good touch with Joan Dargon.


The last of the girls to enter the session, Tayy was the client player of Sara Stones, much to her lament. After awhile, Cousin Finn revealed his true identity of His Imperial Majesticness and connected her with Cyrrus Napyer making him her client player. This brought the meteor into the S.A.P.S. session allowing them to meet the trolls. Once in the Medium, she came across the lively Land of Hills and Voltage, a trippy land where electricity once danced across the sky from electrodes situated in the hills. Tayy's mission was to reactivate these electrodes disabled by her denizen Hemera. Along the way, she would have to learn how to conduct Life.


  • Tayy is once again, based off an old friend of mine.
  • Concealor refers to her girlish tendencies while amor refers to her interests in dating.
  • Her associated color is green. Lime green.


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