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Neros zenox

Your name is NECROS ZEONOX.

You are a RECLUSIVE, STUFFY ASSHOLE who rarely leaves his hive. You tend to avoid talking with other trolls, instead preferring to lose yourself in DETECTIVE NOVELS. Your favorite stories are ones which star the famous SHERLOCK TROLLMES, whom you seek to imitate by attempting to solve all problems through LOGICAL REASONING. However, because you are neither fictional nor a genius, you usually just end up JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS and LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT. You are also frequently frustrated by the fact that you cannot wear detective hats because the brims catch on your CLOVEN HORNS. That doesn't keep you from collecting them, of course. You read other sorts of books as well, and have an extensive library which you spend most of your time in.

You use the Encyclopedia Modus, which holds far more items than a regular modus but also has entries for EVERY OTHER ITEM regardless of if you possess it or not, making it dozens of volumes long. This means that you must spend time flipping through the modus until you find what you are looking for. You don't really mind, because the benefits of having such a catalogue outweigh the downsides unless you are frequently using different items in rapid succession, in which case you are TOTALLY SCREWED.

You are EXCEEDINGLY FORMAL, and will not hesitate to correct someone regardless of how minor the error is.

Your trolltag is contradictoryCastigator and you |S|p|E|A|K| |I|n| |A| |M|A|n|n|E|r| |W|h|I|C|h| |I|S| |b|O|t|h| |I|n|S|C|r|U|t|A|b|l|E| |A|n|d| |O|d|d|l|Y| |C|O|n|S|I|S|t|E|n|t|.|

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