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Nova Lavelle

Nova Lavelle

Nova talksprite

Nova Homosuck

Nova Prospit

Nova God Tier Up

Nova God Tier Down

i am s* ready t* leave. why d*nt i just g* right n*w?? fuck thats just great.


Thief of Space


13 years old

Screen Name


Typing Style

all lowercase, capitalizes words that involve "galaxies" or "space," replaces "o" and "0" with an asterisk, doesn't use periods (does use commas). does not use contractions. tends to talk to herself/ramble.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Mr. and Mrs. Lavelle (parents) (latter deceased)
Mrs. Galaxy (post-scratch self) (deceased)


Land of Nebulae and Frogs

Nova Lavelle, her Pesterchum handle being convexGalaxy, is a female 13 year old human and the Thief of Space. As a Hero of Space, she is responsible for the frog breeding to create a new universe. The first part of her handle, convex, refers to geometric shapes that cave in, which Nova thought was a really cool word. The second part of her handle, Galaxy, refers to her love for space and due to her being a Hero of Space.


The word "Nova" means "a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months." This could refer to Nova's tendency to be motivated for only a short period of time. Not to mention Nova has a fascination for space and stars. "Lavelle" is a French word that means "fond of movement or travel." This makes sense since Nova doesn't like to stay in one place for too longs and longs to travel.


> Be the Annoyed Girl

Your name is NOVA LAVELLE.

Your friends describe you as UPTIGHT, but whenever you aren't so UPTIGHT, they consider you INTELLIGENT. Out of all your friends, you are the SMARTEST and such they RELY on you to figure out stuff. Not that you don't mind; you like to solve COMPLEX questions and always like to use SMART words. In reality, you just don't want to be seen as someone who CAN'T HELP THEMSELF, and you also don't ASK your friends for help. Mainly because you're SCARED to.

You hold an AFFINITY for galaxies and space. Ever since you were a little girl, you dreamed of BEING WITH THE STARS. Everyone thought you meant SINGERS and BANDS, but you meant the ACTUAL STARS. In fact, you wanted to be with them so much, you almost WANTED THEM FOR YOURSELF. They are a major factor in CALMING YOU DOWN, as you can look up at your GALAXY PAINTED CEILING and feel like you're... home. It's also worth mentioning that almost EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING has either a star pattern or galaxy one. Your father ENJOYED your interests, whereas your mother... not so much.

Your intelligence allows you to SOLVE COMPLEX PROBLEMS involving MATH and the SCIENCES. You love both EQUALLY, as they are KEY FACTORS in knowing how to BE IN SPACE. But you've grown to like SCIENCE more. Maybe it's the freedom of BLOWING UP things. You also like to draw, but you can only draw ABSTRACT concepts.

Your chumhandle is convexGalaxy and you speak critically and straight t* the p*int.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nova is described to be very analytical and straight up serious. She often doesn't tell anyone how she's really feeling and is seen with her signature poker face during intense situations. To say that Nova doesn't care about anybody is an understatement. She doesn't let her emotions get in the way, but she makes sure that her friends are doing okay. Her friends do acknowledge that this is Nova's way of making sure they are all okay. She doesn't want to be seen as someone who can't handle herself.

Due to her uptightness, Nova can get irritated pretty quick. She often plans things out in a logical way all by herself and hopes everybody will follow. If something doesn't go the way she planned it, she'll get annoyed and ask that they stay on track. As a child, her father was rather concerned for Nova's wellbeing, as one day she stopped being "happy." Nova speculates it had something to do with her mother, who is know deceased.

Despite seeming like a strict person, Nova does have a rather fun side to her. As a child, she always had a fascination for space and wanted to be with the stars, which also meant she wanted to live in space. Her biggest dream was to become an astronaut and fly into space so she could witness the stars herself. This interest may have lead Nova to be strict because it isn't easy to become an astronaut. Of course, a smaller side to Nova wanted to claim space as her territory. Her dad was still supportive of this dream, though.



Fetch ModusEdit

Post Scratch SelfEdit

Mrs. GalaxyEdit




  • Nova is the first human OC Aly has ever made.

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