Gulla Elzebub

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Gulla Elzebub


Olive blooded landweller(#40762a)

Typing quirk

Outer letters are capitals, inner letters are lowercase

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Pigmy PIg(Lusus), Eunila Ziennu(Ex-Matesprit), Ixel Alium(Moirail)


? solar sweeps





Sgrub Session
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Sylph of Breath


Land of Windmills and Fog

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to enter, (Served By ?), Server to ?


Gold scorpions

Introduction Edit

>Be the life of the party.

Well you are obviously Gulla Elzebub!

You love to throw PARTIES. You have many FRIENDS which you invite to your SPECTACULAR parties. You also enjoy PUZZLES, but you are very bad at them. You tend to get DISTRACTED before you finish them. You like playing GUITAR, and you aren't half bad at it. You play it at PARTIES. A lot of what you do returns to your love of PARTIES. Your secret passion is COFFEE. You own many decorative MUGS and you make coffee regularly. 

You use PinataKind. You use a pinata like a mace, and when it breaks, many sharp bits and bobs fall out. It's awesome. 

You have the Jigsaw modus. To get an item out, you need to solve a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of it. Larger items have bigger puzzles. More complicated items have more pieces. You kind of hate this crappy modus. 

Personality Edit

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Biography Edit

Gulla doesn't currently have a matesprit, but Eunila Ziennu) is his ex-matesprit. It wasn't too harsh; it was a calm break-up (as calm as a troll break-up can be).

He has a moirail named Ixel Alium. He alone is responsible for preventing her from going into a purple-blooded rage. It's a big responsibility, but he is more than willing to take it on.

His ancestor was the Thaumaturge. As he was unchosen, he became a rebel apothecary. Sweeps later, he created a poison that could allow for  mind control. To test it, he poisoned the Sharpshooter and made him kill the Pugilist. After his success, he contacted the Haruspex. The two of them, with the help of the Surveyor, poisoned the Overlord and controlled Oclarvis from the shadows for sweeps to follow.

He was oddly cunning for an ancestor of yourself. Not that that's bad. He seems like kind of a mean guy though. 


As the Sylph of Breath, Gulla heals freedom and communication. Well, that's a little abstract. Basically, he can repair broken communication lines and liberate people. He doesn't really play a role in combat.

His planet in the medium is covered in rolling orange hills. The land is dotted with windmills of various size and color. The consorts live in and around them. They're gold scorpions. The denizen, Sidhe, breathed a pink fog over LoWaF. Gulla must to find the cave where he lives and slay him to dissipate the mist and save the scorpions. 


  • Sidhe is based on the Irish faery folk thought to be wind deities. 
  • "Gulla" comes from the word gluttony.
  • Gulla is based on the sin of gluttony.
  • ConvivalCelebrator refers to convivial, "friendly" and one who celebrates. 

Gallery Edit

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