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Katria Veixon

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Katria Drinker2

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Katria Derse3

Katria GodTier2

And whooom exactly tooold you I was on yooour side, perchaaance? ~~~~


Mage of Light


Exact age unknown. She was bitten by a rainbow drinker in the time of the Alternian ancestors. Hid out as a low blood for thousands of years before escaping to Beforus. Was, at one point, hinted at being in a kismessitude with )(er Imperious Condescension.


cordiformElegance (#FFDF00)

Typing Style

Extends certain vowel sounds, usually by tripling them. Ends messages with ~~~~. Speaks entirely in italics. Normal punctuation and capitalization, except for EEEMPHASIS, where she extends letters more liberally. Speaks in a like, 'valley girl'-esque manner, but with, like, articulate words and terminologies and such.


The capital Greek letter phi (Φ).

Associated Game

Namco High

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Unknown. Absolutely fucking hates her sylladex. Uses it as little possible.


Drizzd D'Urden - Matesprit
)(er Imperious Condescension - Possible kismesis (former)

Lives in

No permanent residence. Over the years, has lived like, pooositively fucking EEEVERYWHEEERE!, including in two different universes.


Land of Hills and Diamonds (Pre-Flux)
Land of Hysteria and Demons (Post-Flux)


Fashion, power, popularity


Lowbloods (which, to her, is everyone)

> Be the complete bitch.Edit

Hey! Your luuucky if I dooon't like, have you KIIILLED or sooomething for that blaaatant display of effrooontery, scumbloood! ~~~~

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