Cannel Alluvi








Typing Quirk:

No capitalization, no punctuation except at the end of sentences, long run-ons, always ends his lines with an ASCII pickaxe ---)

Blood Caste:

Lighter Blue [#285DAF]

Strife Specibus:

pickaxeKind (main), fistKind, blowtrchKind


Three horizontal lines atop one another, mathematical symbol for "defined as something else".


8.5 Sweeps


Ore Modus - his items are stored normally, but upon retrieval will be encased in an ore of strength relative to the need of the object. If not needed at all, encased in diamond, going all the way down to dirt.



Shrew named "Mr. Shrewdinger".

Matesprit ♥:


Moirail ♦:

Kialah Olaria

Auspistice ♣:


Kismeisis ♠:


> Enter Name.Edit

Your name is CANNEL ALLUVI.

Your trolltag is coreMiner and you hav= som= probl=ms with running you mouth on and on in on= r=ally r=ally long s=nt=nc= without any br=aks but =v=ntually you stop caus= you hit th= =nd of th= tunn=l so far ---)

Examine SelfEdit

uh okay th=n i gu=ss ---)

Examine RespiteblockEdit

i kinda just drop wh=r=v=r ---)

Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

b=st to us= a w=apon your= um r=ally familiar with ---)

Examine Fetch ModusEdit

always leav=s such a m=ss i hat= it som=tim=s ---)

Do Something AwesomeEdit

um... ---)

Do Something Incredibly SillyEdit

just dont t=ll kia okay? ---)

Examine AbilitiesEdit


i dont think i hav= any of thos= ---)


um i am kinda not v=ry strong sorry just a littl= bit ---)

Examine ChumprollEdit

  • spiralineBisque - Your moirail and friend, she's kept your head on straight for so long that you've almost forgotten what it was like to live without her around. The both of you are thicker than thieves, and it's almost kinda gross how you two dote on one another when you get together.
  • skilledVariance - Jojo, the local bartender at a place in town. Both of you, despite the obvious gap in blood color with his red and your midblue, are probably best friends. He's a sort of balancing act for you, not enough to be your moirail (like Kia would let that happen), but enough so that both of you end up coming away with the best situation possible.
  • imperfectHunter - Ugh, Ariam. He writes filthy pail novels and then bugs you about then near day and night. He's been trying to make obvious steps towards being less vulgar, but you know he has a comic up his sleeve every time.

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