Your name is Kulonc Haznos, and you have absolutely no idea why you let yourself get into this mess.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kulonc is 7 sweeps old and slightly taller than most of his peers. He's built slim and rather long. He wears his symbol, resembling a lilac, in dark grey on his shirt, and long grey trousers. His horns are short and sharp, coming to points just 5cm above his brow. He belongs to the red caste, though it's not a fact he's particularly proud of and will not volunteer the information.

Kulonc puts a lot of effort into keeping his blood anon. It's a sore subject for him because he wants to be taken seriously and seen as a being rather than a color. His interactions with those both around and higher than him have made him realize he has to work harder to achieve those goals. Ironically, in the line of work he's been assigned, he sees "working harder" as working against what he's been trying to accomplish. It isn't earning him points with the team.

He had a small interest in chemistry and science before being used as a test monkey squashed it out of him. He never got the opportunity to dabble, but he used to enjoy collecting the information.

Kulonc likes to blend into a background. He doesn't like to bring attention to himself and detests being the center of attention.


Jazyck SacnetEdit

main article: nefariousMisandrogyny

Jazyck took to Kulonc as soon as ze laid eyes on him. Since, Kulonc has been subjected to a number of small experiments, always being promised that they may be painful but ze wouldn't let him die.


Kulonc is part of Bonder Prsopo's farming mission.

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