Shadow Zahara


"HaNd OvEr ThE cHeEsEcAkE aNd NoBoDy GeTs HuRt."


Shad, Jug, Juggalo, Juggalette, Sopor

Screen Name





Land of Mirth and Rainbows


Flashing colors, food, animals, music, stuff that makes no sense, randomness, getting attention, singing, dancing


Being ignored, people that don't like her, being judged badly for her appearance or interests


Your name is Shadow Zahara. You are an indigo-blooded troll with the appearance of a wolf with violet-colored fur and bright red eyes. You are unclear of how this happened; a strange mutation, a lab accident, or something else just as weird or even weirder. You are also a juggalette, and sometimes wear face paint.

You enjoy food very much, and can't go very long without it. You sometimes eat inedible objects. Some of your favorite foods are sopor slime pie, Faygo, and any and all types of cake. Despite having the form of a wolf, you can stand up on two legs and grab things with your paws. You can sometimes be very silly and random. You are very friendly most of the time, but when angered, you may become insane.

You enjoy singing and dancing as a pastime. You also love things with a lot of colors, especially flashing ones, which is why you are very fond of strobe lights and have several of them. You also like collecting things in general, and hoard interesting things you find while wandering around. Unlike most highbloods, you don't judge trolls by blood caste. You need attention, and hate being ignored. You also hate being judged for your wolf-like appearance.

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