Ceroni Hersoa

Ceroni Hersoa

Ceroni Hersoa Dead

Ceroni Hersoa Dream

Ceroni Hersoa Godtier

~---Honestly, I'm not too sure how to respond to that


Sylph of Doom


6 Solar Sweeps (13 earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Begins each line with ~--- to represent a needle and thread

Strife Specibi

voodoo kind

Ceroni Hersoa, also known by her trollian handle creasedAspirer, is a teal blooded troll.

She wears a teal coat and headband. Her horns are bent almost like hooks at the top. She types in teal font, mirroring her blood colour. She enjoys sewing and always types a "~---" infront of text to represent a needle and thread. Her lusus was a large, fly trap like creature that wrapped itself around her hive. She like many other trolls, is responsible for feeding her lusus young trolls or wrigglers.

She was a member of the Blue Team.



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