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”That is the ONETHING I can’t seemtounderstand. Of course It DOESN’THELP that ALLOFYOU are leaving ME outofthe DISCUSSION”


7 sweeps

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Typing Style

Has a tendency to sometimes speak too fast and therefore mash his words together. He also capitalizes certain words or strings of text that he puts emphasis on. He will capitalize more the angrier or more annoyed he gets. [His manner of speaking is much like Mr. DeMartino from Daria]




Vjaron Baine Hero Mode har
Stubborn and harsh on the exterior. He is easy to infuriate and does not get along well with people very easily, making it difficult to get too close to him. Vjaron has the tendency to ‘jump’ into things too quickly or take things too seriously or literally. He hates being told what to do, but if he becomes close with someone, he tolerates any “nagging” from them.  If Vjaron is disturbed when in the middle of something, told to do something that he does not want to do, or is treated with humility, he will become severely annoyed or angry, depending on the situation. While he allows his temper to flare often, he does have ways to control it or distract himself, as taught by his lusus. Vjaron is very protective of those he considers important or close to him. While he appears very hostile and crude, once he is close to someone he loosens up and is less so, often displaying a rather affectionate or caring personality. [He can be a big softie :u]

Aside from his Lusus, The only ones that can really calm him are his Matesprit and Moirail Otherwise, once he throws a temper tantrum or goes over the edge, he can't really be stopped and has to rely on his own self to calm down.

Fetch ModusEdit

  Vjaron has Forest Green Sylladex Cards and uses the SERPENT Fetch Modus. It is shaped like a snake and each card makes up the snake’s Body, starting from the “tail” to the “head”.  There is no specific order or classification of items that cards appear in- they are simply put in. The only restriction is size, with larger items going towards the head. Only the card that makes up the top of the head may be taken out, making it a pain to retrieve items. This, of course, does not help Vjaron’s tendency to become frustrated easily.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Vjaron wields the FLAILKIND Strife Specibus. [Like the medieval weapon].  Vjaron uses his Flail to bash [often going for the head], and disfigure.  Because it is entirely crafted of dense metal, it is rather heavy, but still easy enough to swing around and maneuver with.  Vjaron is usually the first to attack and can be very cocky in battle, often taunting the enemy. If he is shown up, he gets very “pouty”.


Young Vjaron

Young Vjaron

Vjaron’s lusus is a Giant amphisbaena [the mythological creature as depicted before medieval times, I mean!] named Monty. Although Monty is and is referred to as a whole creature, he has two heads; both of which have a mind of their own and often conflict with one another- one is more headstrong and the other is more nurturing and calm. Monty is unable to fit into Vjaron’s hive, so he mostly does not see him unless Vjaron comes out, which he does now and again.  Vjaron very much cares for Monty, but things can get frustrating from time to time. On one hand, his Lusus teaches him to be brash and cunning while on the other hand; he raises him with care and tries to teach Vjaron that patience is a virtue and that he should avoid being so headstrong all the time. This caused Vjaron to feel conflicted as to how he should act towards others and what to really do with himself as he grew, [ even now!] but he soon ended up finding a balance, [although somewhat clumsily as he is very bad with holding his temper as it is]. Despite this, Vjaron still found a connection with his Lusus and always made sure to keep him fed and happy. 


Vjaron lives in a sort of forest cave, hidden by shrubs. It extends a bit underground. He has no windows in his hive, and his walls are bare except for a few scratches and a couple of vines that began to stem from the ground. His Lusus stays outside of the cave as he is much too big to fit, but whenever he needs to get Vjaron's attention he will tap or pound on the top of the cave opening with one of his heads. Vjaron's recuperacoon is yellow and is shaped like an oval. His husktop, nestled on a small grey desk on the side of the hive, is also yellow. The floor of Vjaron's Respiteblock is covered with rocks and stones. From time to time, he will pick these rocks up and throw them at his wall in an attempt to calm his nerves when he became frustrated or angry at something- an Idea suggested by one of the heads of his concerned Lusus who is always trying to teach him the art of patience and understanding.


Vjaron likes to walk around now and again or spend some time with Monty. He also likes playing solo card games and other sorts of things that require thought, as they keep him very calm.


Vjaron’s title is Page of Doom.  His Element/Theme is Fate.  Vjaron’s land is the LAND OF ROCK AND HAZE, and its Denizen is Orion. Vjaron’s land is composed of rocky terrain and dirty paths with cliffs [Imagine the Grand Canyon but grey and hazy]. The sky and a few towering cliffs are covered/surrounded with a brownish haze. The Consorts of his Land are serpents.


The Punisher- A former soldier that had been charged with the task of seeking out and capturing the leader of a pack of rebels and her accomplices for execution.  He always managed to catch up with the troll, but for some reason she had always managed to barely escape him. While at first The Punisher was only following his orders, he soon found himself infatuated with the rebel leader and she returned the same feelings. Soon, they became matesprits. The Punisher started letting her go easier while rendezvousing with the rebel leader on separate occasions, hoping that he would not be noticed. Unfortunately. others caught on and another soldier was sent to do his original job as well as capture The Punisher along with the others. The Punisher was not around when his matesprit was captured, but he soon found out about the ordeal and tried to help her. The other soldier cornered him and ordered The Punisher to execute her and her group for their crimes, and while he at first protested, his matesprit begged him to be the one to do it- that she’d rather die by his hand than anyone else’s. So, he carried out the ultimate punishment and was then sent to be tortured and executed by a medical troll.


Trystn Bahyne Sprite
Trystn Bahyne
(trih-stihn bay-un) is the laid back 9 sweep old Dancestor of Vjaron Bahyne. Trystn is much calmer than Vjaron, typically being empathetic, kind and understanding towards others and is quite indifferent about things for the most part. However, he is able to snap to and say his piece if necessary and often intervenes between any fights in an attempt to quell any rage. He is a potential Matesprit of Sheena Sentir, often being the only one who can console her the most, although neither of the two has taken any action upon their red feelings for each other and it is as such undefined. Trystn has a tendency t☮ like, t☮tally speak in a chillaxed t☮ne.
Trystn is also quite forgetful, usually being lost in his chill ‘tude.
Yet despite his calm nature, Trystn is willing to jump into action and fight but if and only when necessary. He can be quite lazy at times, but he will never stray from protecting someone that needs help. Trystn is a the Moirail of Zeetus Falcor, although he doesn’t quite enjoy his attitude most times and finds it difficult to converse with him due to his stubborn personality. Trystn is always seen with a messenger bag with a stuck zipper--nobody seems to know what its contents are, including himself. Trystn fights with the CHAINKIND strife specibus and his title is the Knight of Doom.


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Vjaron’s Main Theme

Going Godtier

Strife!   [Alternate Link]


Created by AnnikaDoll

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