Halien Felina
Halien Felina
There's infinity out there.


Thief of Breath


5 sweeps, almost 6

Screen Name


Strife Specibi


Halien Felina

Halien Felina is a young troll of 6 sweeps. Behind his altruistic and kind mask lays a web of deceit and hate.

Be the psycho fox. Edit

Your name is HALIEN FELINA and you are FIVE, ALMOST SIX SWEEPS. You are one of the rare members of your race who can withstand the BURNING ALTERNIAN SUN. You could even say you ENJOY IT.

You live in a TALL TOWER. Sometimes, you get kind of startled by the heights, but you LIKE A GOOD THRILL.

Your lusus is a FOX, with a penchant for TRICKERY and DECEIT. He likes to pretend to be NICE AND KIND, but you both know that it's just an ACT.

Sometimes you wonder how far up into the sky you can go.

Your trolltag is cunningCanine and you like to displ^^y your horns within your text.

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