Polari Ursula





(^(I)^) < Hi~!* H*w are y*u? Y*u're really cute~!* Want t* be my friend?* (>(I)<)


Maid of Space


6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

(^(I)^) < Always starts with a (^(I)^), which represents a bear's face, uses n*rmal capitalizati*n and p*ntuati*n and replaces the "o"s with a star * Might als* add stars t* the end *f a phrase~*


Ursa Minor


Land of Mountains and Stars

>Be the troll girl that loves starsEdit

Your name is POLARI URSULA, and boy, do you LOVE SPACE! You could write a book about EVERY SINGLE FACT you know an you would probably run out of paper. PLANETS and STARS are such pretty things in your eyes, you just wish you could SEE them all. Despise the fact that you are a BLUEBLOOD, you consider yourself very WEAK, but for those who get you ANGRY, they better be careful, because you are often told that you have the strenght of a BEAR. And speaking of bears, you just love them, such large beasts, FEARSOME and STRONG, you just want to hug EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Too bad that URSAMOM, your lusus, doesn't enjoy hugs that much, because you just wish you could SQUEEZE those tiny fluffy ears of hers.

Anyway, so your trolltag is cutieAstronomer and you (^(I)^) L*ve t* write in a way that y*u consider abs*lutely ad*rable and starry~!*

>Bear Puns listEdit

emBEARassed = Embarrassed

BEARly = Barely

BEAR = Bare

PerBEARed = Prepared

BEARy = Very


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