Jack Alphus
Jackie's Symbol






Jackie-God Tier



13 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses Good Capitalization. Speaks With Great Grammar And Perfect Syntax. Sometimes Uses All Caps And Abbreviations. Sometimes Makes Spelling Errors.


Rammstein "R"

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Slide Puzzle


Lizz Alcard- Sister

S.A.P.S.- Acquaintances

Gramma Alphus- Guardian

Kara Alphus- Inverted Granddaughter

Lives in



The Land of Pillows and Radium


Foreign Music, Heavy Metal, Online RPing, Various Animes, Online War Games, Drawing


Criticism For Interests, Spiders, Bugs In General

Session Info


Maid of Hope


Land of Pillows and Radium




Tier 1: Gilbert the Gerbil

Tier 2: (Post Entry) Nameless Ghoul Mask



Team Position:



You are now Jack Alphus and boy are you the oddity.


Headstrong and amiable, Jack is one of the coolest kids in the S.A.P.S.. As one of the better artists she is also quite technical in her doings.


Before the big day, Jack was the novelty of the group as she was the younger sister of Lizz Alcard. She grew up with her sister until their parents split and she ended up moving to her grandma's house with Gramma Alphus. Hail over time grew close to her and they began hanging out more and more forging a deep bond rivaling Lizz and Wren's.

After awhile, Sara Stones came on the scene, then Joan Dargon and finally her. They melded together on Wren's birthday party on the first annual S.A.P.S. meeting. Soon after, a new player was entered into the S.A.P.S.; Tayy Ezekel and all from the confines of Joan's basement. After, they made matching coats, adopted names and colors for each respective person, and forged a lasting friendship.

The friendship lasted that way for seven years and still is going. Her and Hail are like sisters.


Jack's server player was Hail Angell and her client was Joan Dargon. Once in the Medium, she entered the curious world known as the Land of Pillows and Radium. A plush, glow in the dark land that was once a bio luminescent paradise. Her consorts were purple pythons and her denizen was Abraxas. Her quest was to remove the plush pillows and feathers placed there by her denizen. Along the way, she would have to learn how to drum up Hope.


  • Jack is based on my actual sister in real life. She is, in fact, an amazing artist.
  • Cynical in her tag refers to her personality which is usually wise-cracking.
    • Ghoul refers to the nameless ghouls in her current fascination; Ghost B.C. (Do NOT judge. Count this as a warning.)


Earth (Team S.A.P.S.)
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