Demetra Cleafor



Typing Quirk:

Capitalizes M's, D's, and R's. Has great grammar and punctuation. Though it doesn't come into effect when she blurts out her true, rude feelings in the form of complete caps.

Blood Caste:

Fairly-bright red. (#DF0000)

Strife Specibus:



A common sign in power plants that mean "Danger".


Book Modus - Every time is put in order, and only can be retrieved in pairs unless the other side of the "page" is blank.


A velociraptor (aka "raptorbeast") whom she calls "DinoDaD"

Your name is DEMIKA CLEAFOR.

Holy kau do you love DINOSAURS, but not as much as you love your lusus! You’ve learned almost EVERYTHING from him! Which is not much considering he has a WALNUT-sized brain. You don’t get out much so you learn the rest from BOOKS and INTERNET. You have a knack for PREHISTORY and all that jazz. Boy you have BOOKS ON ALL THE THINGS. But sometimes the information can cause a short circuit in your thing pan and cause SPASMS OF MENTAL INSANITY AND MAKE YOU SAY SOME PRETTY CRAY CRAY FEELS YO.

Let’s just say you got it from your lusus.

Lately you’ve been COOKING a lot with him and you really ENJOY it! You’ve been sharing your CULINARY and PREHISTORICAL learnings with your good friends online! Your trolltag is dangerouslyDamaged and you soMetiMes bluRt out youR feelings at RandoM. WHY IS THERE NO D HERE THAT I CAN CAPITALIZE?!

What will you do?

Tumblr m3kmnovp2m1ro1j1mo1 r1 400

Demetra in sprite form.

Demika Cleafor SPrite

Talk Sprite

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