You are now the BUZZING ASSHOLE.

Alsoni Ascell
Bzz--> If you zay one more thing about me looking like a male I'm going to zpit all over your food.


Alsoni Ascell




Crone of Heart


Stingbeast (wasp)


Forever Alone



Your name is ALSONI ASCELL, and you are of NOBLE BLUE BLOOD. This would matter to you if you had a conventional upbringing. That's not to say your upbringing was incredibly bizarre, but it was certainly... lonely? Yes that's about the right thing to say. Your Lusus is incredibly irritable to anyone who comes near your hive, which is in fact, a LITERAL HIVE, combs and all. Wait, this is supposed to be an intro, you asshole, get your shit together. You really enjoy buzzing around the issue, don't you? Let's just get down to basics before you start off on a tangent.

Your Lusus is a STINGBEAST(WASP). A QUEEN STINGBEAST, at that. The bitch has kept you on a tight leash your entire life, forcing you to tend her MAGGOTY CHILDREN until they are old enough and allowed to fly the Hive and either get eaten by feather beasts or who even cares you hate them you hate all of them and their gross nasty slime-covered food holes. The fact of the matter is, so much of your time and energy has gone towards feeding and caring for your Lusus and her asshole brood, that blood color has simply ceased to matter to you. Sure you put up a nice front in front of your friends, yes Highblood, no Highblood, of course Highblood, but the fact of the matter is, you just don't give a shit. Maybe if you got more sleep and spent more time around other Trolls as a wiggler, you would care, or even be incredibly devoted to it, but you're tired and you just can't find the energy to give a buzzing crap. Seriously look at those lines under your eyes sweet shit you need a nap.

(( wip ))

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