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Kielana Ibiza-Cupra

Kielana Normal

Kielana NoTunic

Kielana Derse

Kielana Derse NoShoes

Kielana GodTier

Kielana GlitterDress

Kielana FireworkDress

Kielana Talksprite

Kielana Talksprite NoTunic

my life is expendable only to my own martyrdom. get over it.


Thief of Time


17 years old


descend.unto.darkness (#7C0200)



Typing Style

only capitalizes proper nouns. perfect grammar. speaks mostly in sentence fragments.


Assassin's Creed logo

Associated Game

Assassin's Creed

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Syntax Parse Tree Modus


Cherry Valance - Best friend/moirail
Visher Anhedo - Mentor
Kailana Ibiza-Cupra - Technical dancestor (?)
SlenderKie - Beta alternate

Lives in

An abandoned house in the middle of nowhere.


Land of Sand and Freemasonry (Pre-Flux)
Land of Suffrage and Fear (Post-Flux)


Fighting, gaming


Being social, shoes (other than hers)


Boadicea (Kielana's Theme)

Associated Item


> Be the mysterious, antisocial one. Edit

your accusations are fair. i will comply.

Your name is probably KIELANA IBIZA-CUPRA. That's what everyone calls you, so it's what you call yourself. Your memory was wiped some time ago for reasons that YOU DO NOT KNOW (duh). This has altered your personality greatly. You likely had many INTERESTS, but since the incident, you have VERY FEW. You are very good at GAMING, so you assume you used to do that a lot. You game now to vent your EXTREMIST TENDENCIES. You enjoy PARKOUR, but you have never tried it. You assume you were once QUITE GOOD AT IT, since you've found yourself to be VERY FIT AND ATHLETIC. You don't dare try anything like that now, since HEIGHTS and FALLING are the only things that really scare you. Instead, you indulge yourself in a MEDIEVAL PARKOUR ASSASSINATION GAME that was sent to you on your birthday(?) a few months ago. You later learned that the sender was a friend from before. You have since reconnected with her as much as you can, and have a PRETTY STEADY PALE RELATIONSHIP GOING. She, however, has no idea what you're talking about, which confuses you. You had relationships (among everything else) explained to you by a self-proclaimed EXPERT on the subject. You don't let anything people say get to you though, since you are still learning how to be a proper troll.

You use your XBox Live account to talk to Cherry, and your gamertag is descend.unto.darkness. You use a different program that was given to you to talk to your life advisor, called Trollian. Your trolltag is epitaphicMelancholy, and in both cases you are very monotonous when you talk. people learn from you only what needs to be known.

> Examine sylladex Edit

my possessions are none of your business.

Your 72 captchalogue cards remain, now and forever, meticulously sorted. This was never your doing, however, oh no. You have implemented a modus that keeps your things in a constant state of order: your semi-custom SYNTAX PARSE TREE MODUS. It has two basic modes of retrieval:

    As you captchalogue items, they are placed under each other in describing terms that fan out slowly, starting with broader terms, and ending with the actual items. You use this mode usually.

    You haven't explored this mode very much, but from what you have gathered, the terms slowly fan downwards in a single file. Some terms may have items immediately associated to them, so you don't have to dig as far usually.


You were and are a scary good fighter, and have obviously been trained by a master of sorts. Since the incident, you have had to re-learn some of the movements, but your form and strength still remained from before. Your strife specibi are only auxiliary to your martial skill. You have the thrwstarkind and thrwknfekind specibi, and the rare and illegal hddnknfekind specibus. You don't actually have any hidden knives, but you are eager to acquire some.

> Examine friends list/Chumproll.Edit

you won't find much.


who's this douchebag?

You used to know Jynx, but you've forgotten him. You think he struck up a conversation with you once, but you didn't reply.


Cherry can be a little over the top, but she was my first friend since the incident. i never decline her company.

Cherry has always been a great friend to you, and still is. You like to believe you are in a pale relationship with her, but she doesn't seem to know it yet. She returns the feelings, sort of, you guess...


no idea who this is.

Again, never spoke to him as you remember. He seems alright, though, from what you've heard from Cherry.


i wish i knew these people.

You haven't explored very much of your friends list since your amnesia...


i honestly feel bad for Visher. he's smart, but his life is hard and unforgiving. i kinda feel his pain.

Visher is a good guy, but can be a little insecure. His problems seem overwhelming, but he seems pretty cool with things. You know he can figure out how to help himself, since he HAS taught you nearly everything you know about society.

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