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\/\/hat are you looki/\/g at?

Screen Name


Typing Style

N, M, W and V become /\/, /\/\, \/\/ and \/.


An Eel. (Kind of)

Strife Specibi


==> Be The Seadwelling CommanderEdit

==> Be The Seadwelling Commander.

Your name is Doursu Henlaa, and you are the 8 Sweep Old Commander of Zamatirr's Prisons. You take a lot of Pride in your job, and have risked all of your relationships with others to make sure that whoever goes into your prisons never leave. Apart from Patrolling the Prison Corridors, you also enjoyswimming. You rarely ever get to though, as you spend most of your time at the prison. You also like talking to the other seadwellers on trollian, and really, it's the only contact you have with them. You absolutely hate mutants and anyone locked away inside your prisons. You dislike lowbloods, as not only do they litter, but they always think they are bigger and stronger than they are; but there are a few you get along with. You get along reasonably well with your Eel-Dad, although these days you rarely ever see him. He, just like you, was very determined, and was also rather snappy. Your arms are mutated, as you have fin like spikes sticking out of them. You feel even more special due to this, and you take pride in owning the strange fins. They also help you to swim much quicker. Your trolltag is destructiveAdmin, and you tend to speak //ith a lot of pride. you also cha/\/ge your 'n, m, w and v' i//to straight li/\/es, to look like the waves you used to swim in. (/\/, /\/\, \/\/, \/). You are the Prince of Space, and your planet is the Land of Cages and Frogs

What will you do?


His Original Design was made by , and can be seen here:

His Normal Sprite was made by , as a prize to a giveaway. The rest of the sprites were edited by me. ^^

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