Tretan Ecurel


In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

I... really don't think we should do this... >>;

Screen Name


Typing Style

Perfect puctuation and syntax... Often uses ellipses at random point in his conversations, usually... ends with an anime-style facial expression... specifically ">>;" or "^^;"



Strife Specibi



Be a Clone

Your name is Tretan Ecurel.

You're a member of the Teal Blood caste, yours being closest to turquoise. You enjoy observing and, while not ill-intentioned in any way, you judge people on their behavior. While you are never specifically intrusive, you tend to gather a lot of information and use it to find the best way to approach someone. Which you almost never do. You have a close set of confidants from your old life and its memories. Others who know your story tend to shun you.

As far as you can claim, your life started just around a sweep ago, when you were created via a mystical diamond. It subsequently shattered to dust after the event, as the energy required had depleted its integrity. Along with a new blood color, your "sister" retaining your original indigo blood, you have aquired an interesting beam-energy that charges from your hand. You haven't tried it on anyone yet, and don't intend to. You prefer using a grappling hook in combat.

Your trolltag is dewitcheriedEnigma and you don't... really like to speak very often... >>;


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  • Tretan is a variation of the name "Tristan", meaning "confusion" or "Tumult", or a chaotic noise. It is pronounced "TREE-tan"
  • Ecurel is a variation of "Écureuil", the French word for squirrel. It is pronounced "ECK-er-rel"
  • The symbol is a rough squirrel design, representing the squirrel-god Ratatoskr.


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