Arenda Kiraiu




Post-Overload Arenda

>D < Hahahaha you guys are so easy to mess w1th!


Rogue of Time

Screen Name


Typing Style

Perfect grammar and syntax, replaces i with 1, starts sentences with ">D

Strife Specibi



==> Be the wild ochreblood.

Your name is ARENDA KIRAIU. No, you are not BLIND. Your EYESIGHT is partially DAMAGED, however. You'll EXPLAIN that in a second. You are an OCHREBLOOD, and live in a HIVE that's rather HIGH UP. You like HEIGHTS, which is why you CHOSE this specific hive. You can admit you're a bit of a JERK sometimes, but don't like admitting it. Like a TROLL you can remember but don't remember his NAME, you have PSIONIC ABILITIES. You don't USE them much, however. A while ago you had an OVERLOAD that resulted in a PSIONIC BLAST. You can't SEE very well since that happened. And god did it HURT. If you REMEMBER correctly you actually CRIED when it happened. You are not PROUD of that. You haven't heard much from KARIYA since that happened either...she doesn't TYPE like she USED TO when you DO hear from her. It gets you WORRIED sometimes. You don't like to THINK about it.

Your trolltag is digibitCrusher and >D < You type 1n a way that shows how rebell1ous you can be!


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