drawn by: atrumbasilicus


Your name is POSEIN ILLUSI and you totally weren’t just ZONING OUT.

Okay, maybe you were, but it doesn’t particularly matter, as you don’t forsee anything particularly interesting happening for the next 2.5 minutes. You have a personality that is very FINICKY, due to the sheer fact that you are INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE. Your sensitivity is backed up by a wall of EMPATHY, however, so you can still be somewhat useful at times. Incidentally, you are VERY GULLIBLE. You are about EIGHT SWEEPS OLD, and your INTERESTS include SWIMMING and THE OCEAN. You absolutely LOVE the ocean and talking with seadwellers, even though they usually aren’t nearly as happy to hear from you. You are a LIME-BLOODED troll, which is on the lower end of the midblood section, and as such you have PSYCHIC POWERS. They kind of SUCK though, and irritate the hell out of people. You don’t get out much, seeing as you live kind of out of the way, and as a result, you COMPLETELY MISSED THE MEMO that all members of your caste are supposed to be DEAD.

Your trolltag is dreamilyMislead and you like to type in a manner that fits with your dreamy nature~ even if youre a tad absentminded and~”

Notes from the makerEdit

She’s a Neptune troll, hence the wishy-washy personality and psychic abilities. Her lusus is a hippocampus (fish-horse thing) about the size of a minivan, who she’s nicknamed Piscus. She’s kind of a romantic, which is ironic, because she’s also one of those kinds of people that wouldn’t know love if it reared up and bit her in the face. She likes to be the village two-wheel device when it comes to ashen and ESPECIALLY pale romance. She’s also quite forgetful. One thing she never forgets, however, is the hemospectrum. She’s ridiculously adherent to it, to the point where she would refer to an olive blood as mister/miss and anything higher as sir/ma’am or something even more formal. She overreacts A LOT, due to Neptune being a big emotion planet. She acts an awful lot like a textbook pisces, but with a shitload of neptunian influence, for astrology nerds out there. If you could look inside her head, it would probably look like a trainwreck.


  • Her name comes from Poseidon, the greek form of Neptune and the word 'Illusion', because Neptune is known as the Illusion planet.
  • The hex code of her blood is #658200

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