Pollux Captor

Pollux castor no glasses

Pollux caster

Pollux caster no computer

Pollux caster 3-D glasses

Pollux caster 3-D glasses computer

Pollux God tier

Pollux Prospit

600d j08, y0u br0k3 th3 th1n64m46i6 + y0u d00m3d u2 411.


Mage of Rage


6 Alternian Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

A = 4 S = 2 G = 6 O = 0 B = 8 L = 1 E = 3 commonly swiching words with symbols or emotes and allways typs ass with all caps and dose not put numbers like if he typs grass he would type grASS.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Twin Modus


Cancro Vantas: morail Lliura Pyrope: matesprit Vesimi Ampora: Enemy Schlan Serpen: morail


Land of Fire and Hot stuff


Vesimi Ampora and peace

Be glASSes kidEdit

Your now glasses kid you is 6 solar sweeps you like coading and you love red and blue have a reaccuring dream about this kid named Sollux and you are teased about not having horns

Your name is Pollux Captor.Edit

You have many interest, like fire and guns and bombs oh and i mention your a sociopath. well besides that you are a cool guy you have an aquaintance that likes to call himsellf dolphiny you dont know what that means but you think he is cool. You have a matesprit named Lliura who talked you in to wear blue glasses like her red ones and you call your glasses "glASSes" to make her mad. you also T41k with a 1i2p and in yellow text


Well, mostly everyone calls you '3-D man', though you dont like it they still call you it. The majority of the time you are very sarcastic and rude, and you never let your gaurd down. You have friends, morails, and a matesprit. You love to play video games, you always play with a bro! 0h y43h y0u d34d f001 "we are playing wii sports how am i dead"

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