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Aliwa Forelan

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Your Troll's Name


Teal blooded Landdweller (#48ffa4)

Typing Quirk

Doubles her 's's as well as replacing 'i" with 1's and her 'a' with 4. Doubling her 'e's refers to as she holds her 'e's for too long of a breath.

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Necro Skorpios(Matesprit), Karnus Fontai(Moirail), Grimoire "Azure" Ochita(Other Moirail), Slitha Dert(Lusus)

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Land of ? and ?

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






Aliwa Forelan Aliwa Forelan, also know by her Trollian handle, enigmaIllusionist, is one of the trolls. She does not have a zodiac sign, but her symbol is a diamond with a 'S' through it, and she has two horns turning downward, then curling back up. When typing, she doubles her 's's as well as replacing 'i" with 1's and her 'a' with 4. Doubling her 'e's refers to as she holds her 'e's for too long of a breath. Her name 'Aliwa' , if you replace the 'w' with a 't', her name means "mentally quick". It most likely refers to her high ability of psychic power and how well she can control it.


Aliwa lives on an island in the middle of a vast deep blue ocean, studying the fish and wild beasts native to her home. She then turns to making dolls of the animals, so she can use them. She can control inanimate objects, such as her dolls, with her psychic powers and bring them to life, for her roleplays. She also uses her psychic powers to create illusions, as reference to her trollian tag. These illusions can harm or help others by creating a sort of different reality.


Aliwa is very cheerful around her friends. She is happy-go-lucky, and overall fun to hang around. When she is alone, however, she is very dark and secluded. She is a little emo, just staying in her hive all day long. She tends to talk a very long time if you talk to her about a subject she enjoys very much.


Aliwa has only a Matesprit and two Moirails at the time. Her matesprit is Necro Skorpios. Her two Moirails are Karnus Fontai and Grimoire "Azure" Ochita.


Aliwa has a snake for her Lusus. Her horns refer to her lusus as well, since they aim downward, and look similar to snakes. Her lusus's name is Slitha Dert.


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