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Aradus' sprite

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Aradus' AlterniaBound Talksprite (needs to be fixed, I think)

Your name is ARADUS MINCHI and damn, are you a sneaky girl. You absolutely LOVE going outside, and ROBBING other troll's HIVES. You're amazing at it, too. Not once have you been caught in the act of doing it. You have a huge STASH of STOLEN GOODS in your own hive, guarded by your GREEDY LUSUS, HydraMom. In fact, you don't even think the stolen treasures are yours anymore. Every time you try and get near them your LUSUS attacks you. This explains the RIPS IN YOUR SLEEVES. You also have a HUGE PASSION for HAIRSTYLING, yet you are TERRIBLE AT IT. This explains your own hair, which is a COMPLETE DISASTER. You always say you could honestly care less about the ranks for lowbloods and highbloods, but that is a FILTHY LIE. The only lowblood you actually like is your MOIRAIL. You're the only troll who actually LISTENS TO HIM. He will sometimes even join you on your raids of other troll's hives. You have a HUGE FLUSH CRUSH on him too, but that is a secret no troll must know. Your trolltag is epsilonHydrae and you "ssspeak with quite the ssslitherisssh tone." Anyways, what will you do?

Name: Aradus Minchi

Age: 8 sweeps

Gender: female

Symbol: Hydra

Blood Color: amethyst (its a little darker than Eridan's blood)

Trolltag: epsilonHydrae

Lusus: HydraMom

Strife Specibus: daggerkind

Height: 5'1

(sorry for crappy layout, I'm new to this stuff)

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