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Jack arthor

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Just, stay safe. Talking to strangers on the Internet can be a dangerous business if you're not careful.


Knight of Light


15 (April 13th, 1998)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types in correct syntax, capitalizing all appropriate words. Tends to break sentences off in the middle and start a new line.

Strife Specibi

pencilkind, scissorkind

Fetch Modus



Land of Valleys and Empires

>Be the nerdy kid. Edit

Your name is JACK ARTHOR. You have a passion for FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION. In fact, you think every other genre is WORTHLESS. You like to ANSWER RIDDLES but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You are fascinated by PARANORMAL LORE and URBAN MYTHS, as well as MAGICAL CREATURES that are, unfortunately, NOT REAL. You are quite SHY and, truth be told, have LESS FRIENDS THAN NORMAL. You have quite a lot of INTERNET FRIENDS, though, and you care about them A LOT.