Loxenk Zenaeh


Loxenk Zenaeh




Brownish green (#669900)

Typing Quirk

Replaces all instances of S with Z, and all instances of W with V


The letter "Z"


Canvas Modus

Strife Specibus


SGRUB Session




The Land of Colours and Storms

Dream Self



First Tier = A hat Second Tier = Lusus


Omega Chain

Team Position














Loxenk is very self-centered, and a little impatient. He has the rather admirable trait of not caring about caste, but instead judges people almost entirely by intelligence. He is certainly capable of compassion, but prefers not to show it. Despite this, he is incredibly irritable by incompetence, lack of knowledge or attempt to stunt his ego. He has shown a sociopathic disconnection with the world, suggesting that he wanted someone he disliked to die and having trouble understanding other's problems. The sole exception seems to be with matters of his Lusus.

He's primarily interested in art and poetry, though he considers abstract and in some cases incomprehencible art the highest form. This interest apparantly manifest's itself in a habit of being easily distracted when creating things, as he goes on an alchemizing spree after describing it as an artform, and also gets very carried away when constructing a staircase, turning it into an Escher-esque work of "art".

He has also shown a particular confusion around computers and machinery, refering to them as "computery" and apparantly not really attempting to understand them. His failure to understand technology appears to be a major flaw, especially considering the amount that Sburb relies on it.

His favorite color is the color red despite his actual blood color, and he apparantly only actually owns red paint

It is mentioned that he has a secret love for math, though there has been no further evidence of this.

Session InfoEdit

EZ sent a message to the Trollslum, requesting help with the imminent meteor strike. He was given Sburb files, and then servered by Azoras. His cruxite artifact was the famous "Impossible Triangle", which he responded to with minor confusion before he held it in front of him as the meteor struck, destroying it and sending him to the medium in the nick of time.

After entering the Land of Colours and Storms, Loxenk went through a long process of alchemization, finally creating A Brush With Death, Bladepaint and Emberhue. He also discovered his dead Lusus and prototyped it, though the circumstances of it's death have not yet been revealed, nor the resulting Kernelsprite. Since then he has servered Aakaris Vedaii and constructed a staircase from their house to their first gate.

Be the Artsy Asshole.Edit

Your name is LOXENK ZENAEH.

You are primarily interested in art and poetry and other arty things. You prefer abstract art, believing that the more difficult to understand it is, the better it is. You are an artist yourself, often painting complex QUADRUPLE METPHORS extending into other METAPHORS within SIMILIES, that only you can understand the implications of. That is because everyone else is an IGNORANT IDIOT.

Your trollTag is eternalZeppelin and you Uze the letter "Z" in place of the letter "S" and alzo the letter "V" in az a replacement for the letter "W" az a metaphor for the zuffering in the zouth and vezt.