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A slightly pale but dark blue.

Typing Quirk

replaces b's with 13, double t's (tt) with #, and f's with ph


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Strife Specibus


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Shaan Tehir is a troll that acts like a white knight. Go figure.

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Be the Galiant Fool.Edit

Your Name Is Shaan Tehir.

You have a variety of interests. You LOVE art, especially ancient art. You probably own one of the worlds largest collections, but your never satisfied with it. You won't stop until its perfect. In fact, most of your DREAMS (when not about the moaning and groaning of your undead friends tearing you apart) play out with you assimilating every other collection in existence with your own. Your also interested in the chivalric code of the WHITE TROLLTONIC KNIGHTS. You've pretty much based your life around it. No damsel in distress shall be ignored. No miscreant shall be left unpunished. Loyalty to God, Queen, and "The Cause of Conquest" is paramount in your life.

Through your frantic, NIGH-FANATICAL defense of anything, you've alienated mostly everybody. Though that philanthropist jackass Charos still talks to you from time to time. Still, you tend to make more enemies by helping people then hurting them. Whatever. They don't understand your code. Nobody does.

Your crazy about games, especially FLARP. You have a copy of every book ever printed. All of the books. All of them. Your so good at the game, you even helped write the latest edition. In fact, the only reason anyone talks to you is because you can score a ton of FREE BOOKS whenever you want.

You tend to BEAT YOURSELF UP about a lot of things. Mainly the fact that you've been getting real lonely. No one really talks with you anymore. You also obsess with your art gallery night and day, angry at yourself for not making it perfect. Your real lackluster performance in the various romance departments have disheartened you a bit. While everyone around you gets together in the flowering sensations of red and black love, you spend your time wandering about the relics of ages past.

Your trollTag is exaltedChevalier and you pheel the need to express your 13eliefs in a manner that lets everyone know how much 13e#er yours are compared to theirs.