Khaian Furtae
" Ok ser!ous!y wou!d someone te!! me what the fuck !s go!ng on here.



Typing Quirk:

Replaces i and l with !, types proper nouns backwards. (e.g. Naemac instead of Camean.) Uses the smiley =:-)


A gladiator's shield.

Fetch Modus:

Warrior Modus.

Strife Specibus:



Rust red. #a10000


Knife of Furtae (actual title She's a Sp8der.)


A goblin-like creature.

SGRUB Session


Mage of Blood


Land of Steel and Lightning (LOSAL)




Paralyzed Roamer/Pretentious Richman

Server player:

Daedalus Teslavol (triumphantMechanism)

Client Player:

Camean Jinfax (invisibleTerrarium)


Goblin lusus, two swords

Be the one with amnesia. Edit

Your name is KHAIAN FURTAE. And with that, we have exhausted EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF. You vaguely remember something about a man named DOC SCRATCH, although you aren't sure what significance he holds. You possess the ability to TELEPORT, and again you have no idea how you got this power. You woke up one day on the LAND OF STEEL AND LIGHTING, the BODY OF YOUR SPRITE next to you. You guess you would mourn, but you remember NOTHING ABOUT HIM. you own a HUSKTOP on which you already had five friends, and it is through them you learned your name. But more on them later. Your trolltag is exiledTomato, and you spe!! certa!n words !n a strange manner.

Examine room. Edit

What room?

Set Fetch Modus. Edit

Your Modus was already set to Warrior when you woke up. If you wish to retrieve an item, you must defeat a small enemy to retrieve it.

Set Strife Specibus. Edit

As with your Modus, your Specibus was already allocated when you woke up on LOSAL. It is allocated to the POLEKIND Specibus, although you keep a backup KNIFEKIND just in case.

Do something awesome. Edit

You teleport to the top of Troll Mount Everest and back in a matter of seconds.

Do something ridiculous. Edit

You attempt to teleport on top of your own head, and predictably slam facefirst into the ground.

Examine self. Edit

You fancy yourself quite tall, although there is no one around to check that with. Your sword-shaped horns are constantly getting stuck on things, which annoys you to no end. You keep your hair flat and uneventful. The symbol on your shirt appears to be a gladiator shield. But what does it mean??

Examine abilities. Edit

D!dn't you a!ready go through th!s with Naemac? You don't possess any remarkable physical abilities, but you do have the power to teleport in a flash of green. You believe that this power has some relation to that Doc Scratch man.

Examine ChumpRoll. Edit

Naemac po!nted out to me that everyone except h!m and me get rea!!y we!rd !f you ment!on anyth!ng re!ated to f!!ght. =:-\

invisibleTerrarium Naemac !s awesome. That's rea!!y a!! there !s to say on the matter.

triumphantMechanism Su!adead !s... We!rd.

negativeOptimist Th!s ch!ck has !ssues.

unstableEnforcement ! HATE H!M ! HATE H!M ! HATE H!M

subtleArithmetic Somet!mes she's n!ce, somet!mes she's REA!!Y creepy. What's her dea!?

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