Ixel Alium

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Ixel Alium


Purple blooded landweller(#2b0057)

Typing quirk

Doubles every "x", ends statements with "xx" for kisses

Fetch Modus

Hashmap modus

Strife Specibus



Two cats joined with at the tail(Lusii), Gulla Elzebub(Moirail)


? solar sweeps





Introduction Edit

Sgrub Session
Quote about session


Maid of Life


Land of Violets and Thaw

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to enter, (Served By ?), Server to ?


Amber grasshoppers

>Be the weird cat chick.

Well alright. You are now Ixel Alium.

FOOD. You absolutely love EATING, and you're almost alway HUNGRY. You enjoy COOKING too. You like to play RETRO VIDEO GAMES, and you're known to be PRETTY GOOD at them. Another thing you like to do, but aren't as good at, is WRITING POETRY. In fact, everything you write is utter RUBBISH. You also love MEOWBEASTS, which you call CATS. Well, you don't have a matesprit, but you have a flushed crush on Drellis Eeraun.

As for a moirail, you have Gulla Elzebub. You're a purpleblood, so you're naturally very violent. However, he has taught you a lifestyle of peace and kindness. The only drawback is eating to forget.

Your Ancestress was the Suppressor. She was a noble lady tasked with putting down any rebellions. She worked for the Overlord. Early on, she killed the Disruptor. Later, she killed the Incendiary. Sweeps later, she had to kill the Sharpshooter. She succeeded, but was shot in the right leg in the process. Necrosis set in, and the Surgeon was forced to amputate it.

You wish you didn't have such a terribly violent, murderous ancestor. You know that's very common of someone of your blood status, but you still wish she would have taken a path of peace.

You use the PlateKind abstratus. You can throw spinning plates at enemies, shattering them and cutting up the target.

As for your fetch modus, you have the Hashmap modus. Too bad you aren't good at poetry, or words in general.

Personality Edit


Biography Edit


Session Edit

As the Maid of Life, Ixel protects other with life energy. She plays a heavily supportive role, which is probably better for her. If she had to be aggresive and offensive, she fears her purpleblood side would take over.

The land of LoVaT is covered in lush fields of violets. The whole ground looks purple and rustles softly in the breeze like a creature breathing. The sky is many shades of pink and red. The consorts, amber grasshoppers, jump about freely in the fields. Thick, shiny ice covers half of the land. Ixel needs to defeat the denizen Beira and thaw the ice to free the medium.


  • Beira is based on the Scottish personification of winter and mother goddess. 
  • FamishedFeline refers to Ixel's hunger and love of cats. 
  • "Ixel" comes from the creator's cat's name, Pixel.
  • "Alium" comes from the medication Valium, which is a pain med. 
  • Ixel is based on the creator's stoner cat. Maybe don't ask. It just is. 

Gallery Edit


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