Gevore Fokeyt


Fb dream

Fb dead

you cAn'T EscApE FATE you Fool


Prince of Doom


7 Alternian solar sweeps (15 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses no punctuation and always capitalizes the letters "F" "A" "T" "E". Otherwise has perfect grammar.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus





Land of Vines and Rust

==>bE ThAT guyEdit

Your name is GEVORE FOKEYT, and you're a minor member of the ROYAL sea-dwelling trolls. However, your opinion of yourself is certainly not minor--you think you're the most important troll that's ever lived--especially considering how you BRUTALLY MURDER anyone who says otherwise with your trusty CROWBAR OF FATE. You hide it in your RIDICULOUSLY LONG TRENCHCOAT that you stole from one of your VICTIMS. You know you look INCREDIBLY STUPID in the damn thing, but you can't bring yourself to GET RID OF IT.

You do have more of a DISLIKING for lowbloods than highbloods, but honestly you'll kill anyone at any time with pleasure. You believe that your HOMICIDAL TENANCIES are absolutely normal for members of your caste, but you think that your reasoning is BETTER and UNIQUE.

So much better.

Your trolltag is fateBringer and you spEAk EmphAsizing ThE Four mosT imporTAnT lETTErs oF ThE AlphAbET.

==>ExAminE inTrEsTsEdit

You do enjoy things aside from killing, but honestly there isn't much. However, there is one thing you put above everything else--FATE. You've been obsessed with it for so long that you've begun to SEE YOURSELF as fate. The ALL-SEEING-EYE--which honestly you don't know anything about except for the fact that it is a symbol of fate; you found it inscripted in a wall somewhere with "fate is our master" beneath it--is painted everywhere in your room and is even the design on your shirt.

Fate aside, you do enjoy manipulating people to do what you want. You have NO PSYCHIC POWERS, but that doesn't mean you're not good at it. Words can be JUST AS POWERFUL as mind control, and YOU'RE VERY GOOD WITH THEM. You've made many a lowblood believe you were their FRIEND and lured them to your hive, just to end up KILLING THEM--oh wait.

You guess the only interest you have that DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITH KILLING'll have to get back to that, it's going to require some deep thinking...

==>ExAminE lususEdit

Oh hell no.

You almost never interact with him. You might be a self-centered SON OF A BITCH, but you're MILD compared with your stupid SWORDFISH-DAD--the only MAJOR difference is that he DOESN'T KILL. Like that matters. One day you'll build up the courage to KILL him yourself.

One day.

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