Green Star
Luke Hayworth

Luke Haylow

Luke Haylow - Dreamself

Luke Haylow - Baby


13 (July 2, 1999)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Regular syntax. Always capitalises when grammatically necessary. Generally uses punctuation.


Mum - Adoptive/Genetic mother
Pop - Genetic Father
Gwen - Friend/Genetic sister

Lives in

A large apartment building in the city. (150 Middle Street, Portland, Maine)


Politics, Law, Astronomy


Animals, traditional "american" foods

Luke Hayworth is a friend of Kate Maxwell and a character appearring in Turfbound. He is a wealthy young man who never seems to want for anything. On pesterchum, his handle is fatefulRedshift.



Luke's mum spent a good deal of his childhood conquering the three highest paying career fields in the country. They ended up moving very often, but always lived within rich neighborhoods or in otherwise expensive homes. Because of this, Luke rarely made friends with the other kids in whatever town he was living in at the time. He met Gwen on a QA website about law, and she introduced him to Kate and Trip later on. To this day, those three have been his best and only friends.


Luke was pretty indifferent to the idea of playing Sburb at first. Gwen convinced him to play when she mentioned that it would be their chance to meet in person; otherwise he had no intrest in the game or its plot. He entered the medium with Kate as his server player and Trip as his client. Pre entry, he prototyped his kernelsprite with an antique globe to make Earthsprite. After entering he tier-2 prototyped his sprite with a picture of his Mum to create Gaiasprite.


  • Luke's eyes are green, just like his pesterchum text.
  • Luke's address (150 Middle Street, Portland, Maine) is a real place.
  • Birthday-wise, his astrological sign is Cancer.
  • Luke's chumhandle acronym, FR, is the atomic symbol for Francium, one of the alkali metals.
  • His cruxite artifact being a drumstick is representative of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Famine.

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