Aura Rayvan
Space Outline

Aura Rayvan

Aura Rayvan (Dream)

Aura Rayvan (God Tier)

Aura Rayvan (Baby)

=D Oh wow, that's amazin'!


Rogue of Space


16 years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Clean language with a country accent, begins messages with simple emoticon showing her mood.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Sis - Adoptive older sister, Genetic mother
Arista Baleta - Patron troll
Bangle - Pet
Anya's Sis - Post-scratch self
Distinguished Bum - Exile
Loyd Darlix - Boyfriend

Lives in

Houston, Texas


Land of Cliffs and Frogs


Building things




Your name is AURA RAYVAN.

And no WORDS can describe your love of NAILS.

Your friends say your love of nails is BORDERLINE OBSESSIVE, but they just don’t understand. Your favorite thing to do is REPAIR THINGS, even if that means purposely BREAKING them first. And something that not even YOU understand, is your interest in BUILDING MINI-FORTS OUT OF GOBSTOPPERS. Maybe it’s because if it falls you can fix it? You don’t really care.

You’re a VERY FRIENDLY PERSON, and are NICE to EVERYONE. But you are still more comfortable with your CURRENT FRIENDS, wishing other people would just LEAVE YOU ALONE. You hold a great deal of RESPECT for your SIS, even if she’s constantly HARASSING you with SMUPPETS. God, you’re creeped out by those. And the guy who made them. But he happens to be your NEIGHBOR, so Sis has a never ending supply of smuppets.

Your room is cluttered with SELF-BUILT STRUCTURES, and a few FAILED INVENTIONS. You want to get rid of them and all the shame they bring you, but at the same time you’re too damn PROUD of them. You tried, didn’t you? That’s what counts. There’s also PILES OF GOBSTOPPERS scattered (and some that are actually STILL IN BOXES), from your previously mentioned mini-forts that you never bothered to CLEAN UP.

What will you do?

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