Bonder prsopo

bonder, first draft. he looks largely similar to this, but changes have been made.

(under construction)

Your name is Bonder Prsopo. You have an unhealthy obsession with plant life. Trees, root plants, flowering

plants, edible plants: any and all kinds of plants. The more you study the wildlife, the more deeply saddened you are by the poor levels of use they're put to.

Your Trollian handle is floraCultivator and ==your typing style goes from small like a sapling to large at the very enD.33

Personality and appearenceEdit

Bonder is a member of the olive green caste. He keeps his hair short, as to keep it out of the way. His horns are long and cone shaped, symmetrical at hatching, though the left one is snapped about halfway down. His symbol is modeled after the one of Ceres. His clothes are hardy and built to last, seeing as he spends most of his nights digging in the dirt outside his hive, which is basically a small barn.

He has relatively few hobbies, having devoted most of his life to his plants.

Bonder possesses a rather narrow one-track mind. For the most part, he minds his own business.

He is incredibly quiet in real life. He rarely speaks, and is ill cut out for leadership. He often cites that without his expertise in the field, even he wouldn't hire himself for the job. Bonder is content to step back and watch discussion happen, but



Bonder's lusus is an ox. While he's entertained the thought, he has so far resisted the temptation of getting the beast to help him plow, because while he himself is strong, he is no match for the ox.

Jazyck SacnetEdit

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Bonder and Jazyck knew each other in passing. Bonder remembered zir extreme interest in chemistry, and wondered if any of that translated to biochemistry. All he knew was if ze was as passionate about chemistry as he was about botany, the two could have one hell of a collaboration. The two have a strictly professional relationship, and often butt heads. Bonder's main problem with Jazyck is he feels ze undermines his authority as the founder and leader of the mission and crew. Jazyck's main problem is Bonder basically lets zir take charge, and then complains.

Centre AkaibeEdit

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Bonder and Centre are on amicable terms.

Tulipe ShekovEdit

main article: floatingPollen

Ask Bonder how he knows Tulipe, he'll literally say he has no idea. He met her once online, and hasn't been able to shake her.


Bonder is the one who incubated and laid down foundation for the farming project. For this reason he believes he is the de facto leader.

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