Sorri, mi memori is failing me right now.


Mardyl Riotan




Cyan (#05C2FA)

Typing Quirk

Replaces 'y' with 'i' at the end of words and other mispellings with too many 'i's.


Alla Breve


Fingerprint Modus

Strife Specibus


SGRUB Session

I think I'll avoid this stuff right now.





Dream Self






Team Position



I bet that you look good on the dance floor. S;)











>Be the Snowy TreebeastEdit

You wish!

Your name is MARDYL RIOTAN.

You like to think you are a PRETTY NICE GUY if a bit of an obvious FLIRT at times. You have at tendency to come on a little strong at times which is partly intentional as your method of trolling. You really like people and make as many friends as you can in the hopes of filling your romantic quadrants, even if the notion of blackrom SCARES YOU A LITTLE. Even though you make alot of friends, you tend to lose them on account of your TERRIBLE MEMORY and tendency to get VERY EXCITED VERY QUICKLY. You also have no concept of PERSONAL SPACE and are all about hugs, anyone who doesn't like hugs is wierd. Sometimes people get annoyed at you which makes you sad but you try and make it up to them by being EVEN NICER to them!

Your hobbies are... basically you're only interested in MUSIC. You play GUITAR and BASS and you are pretty damn good at it if you do say so yourself. You hope to be a FAMOUS MUSICIAN one day and act accordingly so you are pretty into fashion and style, as wierd as that may be. You have a favourite band but you forget their name, something about SNOWY TREEBEASTS you think. You are also a keen SCUBA-DIVER and spend alot of time in the lake not far from your hive. The lake is a great place for EXPLORATION and TREASURE HUNTING, you find alot of artifacts and there are more than a few AWESOME SKELETONS down there. You're also pretty into fashion, even though that's wierd for trolls and even more so for guys

Your lusus is a GOAT who is pretty strict on punishments, even when you don't think you did anything. He bit off your LITTLE AND RING FINGERS on your left hand when you were younger so you are now mostly left handed so you can play guitar properly. Frankly, you are TERRIFIED of your lusus and avoid him whenever possible.
Your symbol is the sign for an ALLA BREVE.
Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to STRINGKIND. You use guitar and bass strings as a weapon!
You use the FINGERPRINT MODUS which is really cruel as some items require you scan the print on fingers you don't have so have to rearrange the whole inventory to get them.

Your trolltag is fluorescentAdolescent and you tipe pretti normalli but your spelling is kind of bad.

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