Vexcon Buraro

Vexcon Buraro Insane

Vexcon Buraro Dead

Vexcon Buraro Trickster

you guys are ~great~ friends :)</div>


10 Solar Sweeps (21 Earth years)

Typing Style

Normal/Dead:no grammar whatsoever used tildes for ~emphasis~ and uses smilies and :P a lot Insane:types the same BUT A LOT OF CAPS AND TYPES WHUHAHA AT RANDOM TIMES



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Riddle modus; in order to retrieve an item, you must solve a riddle given to you.

Introduction Edit

Be the music-obsessed troll

Music-obsessed?No.Just enjoys music.Anyways, You're name is VEXCON BURARO.You like to listen to MUSIC sung by these VOCALOID people.You have a POSTER of your favorite VOCALOID GUMI.It's from the song MATRYOSHKA.You cut out MIKU.You hate her.Your trollian handle is flyingVocaloids.

Examine Hive

Your HIVE is pretty normal.It can FLY.Your hive is a BIG DOME with a giant ENGINE and BLADES on it.You enjoy WATCHING EVERYONE UNDER YOU.Of course, NOBODY CARES.

Examine Self

Heheh!You're not hot!You know it!You have a SIMPLE BLACK DRESS with GRAY SHOES.Your HAIR IS A MESS.But your HORNS ARE STILL AWESOME.

Examine Self After Accident

Whuhahahaha!Your EYES are GREEN and RED.You've CUT YOUR FACE so it looks like you're ALWAYS SMILING.

Personality Edit

Write a third-person summary of your Troll's personality here.

Biography Edit

Write something here about your Troll's life before their session.


Okay!Back when you played SGRUB, You were going to get your KERNELSPRITE.Something when horribly wrong and then YOU WERE INSANE.You ended up KILLING YOURSELF.

Trivia Edit

  • Random, arguably irrelevant facts about your Troll go here.

Gallery Edit

Extra pictures of your Troll go here.

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