Marciel Forrer
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I'm N0+ Creepy. I'm 5uper C00l And Awe50me.



Typing Quirk:

Replaces all s with 5, t with + and o with 0

Blood Caste:

Teal (#318984)

Strife Specibus:



chemical equilibrium sign, reversed.


7 sweeps


Paradox kind



Bear-Pig named Cresscot

Matesprit ♥:


Moirail ♦:


Auspistice ♣


Kismeisis ♠


Enter NameEdit

Your name is MARCIEL FORRER. You are 7 SWEEPS OLD.

You are a slightly chubby TEAL BLOOD, with a BIG NOSE, WEIRD EARS, and a good amount of FUCKS you have never given. You love NERDY ARMBANDS and BUILDING ELABORATE USELESS STUFF. You also like AWESOME SCIENCE and SHITTY MUSIC. Well, other people call it shitty. You think it is the TUNES OF THE GODS or whatever. You play the SYNTH. And very badly, might I add.

Your CHEMICAL EXPERIMENTS often leave you in a state similar to that of sopor slime digestion, but it is also very different considering that they also provide you with a SENSE OF HIGHER UNDERSTANDING OF THINGS. You enjoy this and like to refer to it as “BEING ONE WITH SCIENCE.” You like to FLARP as a great assassin, but when there is no one to FLARP with, as you often do not leave your hive, you use a TEXT BASED ONLINE ALTERNATIVE.

Your lusus is a bear. But also a pig. It was once mistaken for a MAN-BEAR-PIG. But it is not a man at all. It is merely a Bear-Pig. You blame it for your bad eating habits and tendency to sleep far too long, however you know it’s only because you are lazy.

Sometimes your SCIENCE tends to BLOW SHIT UP. You enjoy this and most of the time it is NOT ACCIDENTAL. You explore PARADOX SPACE and collect the physical forms of paradoxes from PARADOX POCKETS. They are fairly squishy, and as you describe them, “somewhat gooey glowing balls of lint.” Your pants are always SEVERAL SIZES TOO LARGE and your BADASS BOOTS make you feel like less of a LOSER.

You are not SHORT, and you are not TALL. You are possibly THE MOST BORING TROLL TO EVER LIVE.

Examine RespiteblockEdit

Strife SpecibusEdit

Your strife specibus is ACIDKIND. You enjoy dropping vials and throwing cups of acid at others. It may seem inconvenient but if you do it right, you can ever shoot acid out of water guns. You enjoy the few fights you get into.

Fetch ModusEdit

Your Sylladex is set to PARADOX MODUS. You get exactly what you need when it is needed, but you do not get it when you want it and you do not always get what you want. It is quite a predicament but you’ve learned to deal with it by never REALLY wanting anything.


Your trolltag is forgottenCelebration and you ⇌ 5+art All 5en+ence5 Wi+h +he Chemical Equilibrium 5ign. Y0u +end +0 NAK NAK NAK 0cca5ionally. Y0u Al50 Capi+alize +he Fir5+ Le++er 0f Each W0rd And Replace All

T’s, S’s, and O’s with +, 5, and 0 respectively.

Examine ChumprollEdit

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