Ceylon Symbol
Ceylon Bismir
Hope Outline

Ceylon Bismir

Ceylon Bismir (Dream)

Ceylon Bismir (God Tier)

Ceylon Bismir (Grub)

☥ha☥'s e☠☥remely i☥eres☥ing! I mean, s❄ fucking c❄❄l!~


Witch of Hope


7.38 Sweeps (16 years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces 'o' with ❄, 't' with ☥, and 'x' with ☠.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Tasiya Enasni - Moirail
Arista Baleta & Aparit Odious - Auspistice
The Penumbra - Ancestor
Cloria Bismir - Dancestor
"Foxmom" - Lusus/Sprite


Land of Dawn and Colorful Shattered Glass




Your name is CEYLON BISMIR.

You have some unyielding INTERESTS, your greatest being your adoration of SHARP OBJECTS. And not matter what you do with them, whether it’s SHARPENING or THROWING them, you never get cut. You also happen to adore SCALEMATES, your favorite of all of them being INSPECTOR KIWIEYES. As you age, you wish to become a SECRET SPY, just as your fabled ANCESTOR was. She was the best there was, as far as you’re aware. You hope to become just as great!

You are a very ACCEPTING troll, believing everyone deserves a chance. Your friends think otherwise though, worrying about how trusting you are. But there are some trolls who you DO NOT LIKE, and you can be very violent when in their presence. Amongst all of this is when you tend enjoy READING the most (since you love reading at all times), finding it an excellent way to escape the STRESS of the world around you.

Your trolltag is forgottenHope and Y❄u ☥end ☥❄ ☥ype in an e☠☥remaly ann❄ying way.

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