Your name is KITUNA VULPUS, and you are about to turn SEVEN SWEEPS OLD. You are a SEER OF SPACE. Or, you would be, if that wasn't a thing you totally made up.

You are a greenblooded troll who doesn't have many friends, because you live in an underground burrow in the middle of the forest. You're honestly lucky that you're even able to connect to the internet out here. Sometimes, when there are really bad storms, you're not so lucky, and your internet goes completely down. (Though being underground certainly can't help.) But it's okay, sometimes you'd rather be left alone.

Your interests include most things nature and most things creative, even though you're not very good at a lot of them. You have a garden, but the forest isn't exactly the best place for one so it doesn't grow very well. You're terrible at drawing and painting, but you like to do it anyway. The one thing you really like to do that you're actually good at is write. You like to sit around and listen to nature, and you like to observe things. And then you write about it.

You also like to take care of hurt animals that you find, but most of the time they end up getting eaten by your lusus. Your Foxxy Mama, as you call her, doesn't take well to you keeping small critters around. Even though you know it's just a part of nature, you think it's sad and disgusting, and you'd probably give up meat altogether if you didn't kinda suck at gardening... and if it wasn't so delicious.

Your hive is a maze with lots of tunnels, because your lusus always seems to be digging more. On the one hand, you love never having to worry about running out of space and being able to explore without leaving the comfort of your hive. On the other hand, sometimes you get lost and have to wait for your mother to find you, and decorating for 12th Perigree's Eve can be a huge pain in the ass.

You use the Spearkind strife specibus, though rarely. You don't particularly like hunting, which is fine, because your lusus is more than happy to kill enough to feed the both of you. Most of the time it gets used when Flarping with your friends, which is something you do sometimes. You mostly enjoy the creativity aspect of it.

You have very strange, recurring dreams about a golden city and some other trolls you have never seen before. You wish they would stop so you could dream about something more normal, like climbing trees made of candy.

Your Trollian handle is foxyCreator, and you tend to type with near-perfect grammar... exxcept for when youre exxcited oh my god.

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