Fetvor Glyers













** oH, yEs, i did usE my dEaTE as an ExcusE To makE a nEw ouTfiT, TEank you vEry mucH. **


Mage of Mind

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types in all lowercase, excluding T, H, and E. Switches TH with TE and HE with EH. Surrounds TEH with exclamation marks.

Strife Specibi


Be the silly programmer. Edit

Your name is Fetvor Glyers. You are 6.46 Sweeps (14 Earth Years) old.

You're a young member of the burgundy caste and you're quite the programmer. You like to program anytime there is a computer around. You also like to doodle in TS Pencil, the least powerful art program ever. You handicap yourself with your insistence on using this terrible program, because you find it an interesting challenge.

You program in a scripting language called Sol. You've dabbled in a bit of other, more popular ones like ~ATH, but it's just not as good in your opinion. Normally, you create video games with your programming knowledge. You are also a rare troll who adores good fashion. The inspiration for your clothing is Troll Tron.

Yes, Tron is a universal constant.

You also constantly try out other talents in which to improve in, like composing the fine art of music, writing, and filming. It doesn't work out usually, and you give up on them easily. The most successful of these talents would probably be composing.

A few months back, your barkbeast Lusus had died, and you've been pretty bummed out about it. While you are pretty nice, hoofbeast-shit can easily piss you off. In public, you're also shy and nervous, but you're more talkative on the internet and with your closest friends. Speaking of the internet, you run a blog on trumblr, where you constantly reblog nothing but dumb stuff.

Your strife-specibus is Marblekind, as you've never had any need for fighting. Besides, you're a powerful psychic, and you could just use those powers to defeat someone if they became THAT much of a problem.

You also later on become Grimbrisk, due to a purple ring that you were shadily given. It was supposed to make you ridiculously powerful, but at a price not explained to you. It would corrupt you and you were a walking zombie doing nothing but causing death all around you by using the power of frost.

Your trolltag is frozenPoltergeist and you speak in a quirk based on a typing error, and it makes ** !TEH! quirk possibly !TEH! sTrangEsT onE ouT !TEH!rE. **

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