Cat emblem
Beth Oakwood

Beth homestuck copy

hey hey hey hye hey hey. hey. you hear that? that's me not caring. good day.


Thief of Void


18 years old

Screen Name


Typing Style

omf there's honestly no way of explaining this style; it's nothing but lowercased letters and abbreviations

Strife Specibi



==> Enter your name.

Your name is BETH OAKWOOD.

You are - more or less - a HERMIT, but a HERMIT WITH CLASS. VIDEO GAMES are your life, and you are an incredible CAT PERSON. Anyone's got a problem with you? Just give them the finger and state your HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE.

Your Pesterchum is gallantAdventurer, and you're incredibly casual with your words. maybe someday, you'll just snap and go all caps. one day... orz (Normally, not with this font color, but it would be a pain to read with this grey background otherwise.)

What will you do?

==> Observe your weapon.

This gadget resembles a cross between a bowtie and a microphone. It looks quite elegant and looks a bit retro. It's used for hacking into computer systems.

Personality Edit

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Biography Edit

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Session Edit

Write a bit here about your character's session.

Trivia Edit

  • Beth god tiered as the Thief of Void.

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