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Giarua Symbol
Giarua Talius

Giarua Talius

Giarua talksprite

Giarua Homosuck

Giarua Derse

Giarua God Tier

Giarua God Tier Wings

d0nt ever see y0ur d1sab1l1ty as a m1stake because y0u are 1n n0 way shape 0r f0rm a m1stake


Knight of Void


6.5 sweeps (14 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

all lowercase, no capitalization whatsoever. no punctuation. uses "0" for her o's and "1" for her I's.


Auriga Charioteer

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

See below for explanation


Cinius Maiken (matesprit)
The Mechanic (ancestor) (deceased)
Teerio Talius (dancestor)
Austri Farsas (kismesis)


Land of Metal and Scraps

Giarua Talius, her Trollian handle being gelasticGeek, is a female bronze blooded troll. She is a Knight of Void, the matesprit to Cinius Maiken, and the kismesis to Austri Farsas. Her associated zodiac sign is the Auriga Charioteer. The first part of her handle, gelastic, has something to do with causing laughter, something Giarua unintentionally causes people to do but also wants to make people laugh. The second part of her handle, Geek, refers to her nature as being really smart (due to being a mechanic) and, obviously, her geeky nature.

Unlike other trolls, Giarua lost her hands and thus resorts to limb enhancers to compensate for the loss of her hands.


Her first name, Giarua, is an anagram of Auriga. Auriga is supposed to be a large constellation representing a man holding a whip. Her last name, Talius, is from the Greek word "Talus," which means mechanical man. This makes sense give the fact that Giarua is a mechanic.


> Be the Quirky Girl

Your name is GIARUA TALIUS.

Many trolls call you UNUSUAL, and you gradually stopped CARING what they think. They can think of you HOWEVER they want. You are well known for LOSING YOUR HAND. That was a bad time. You made yourself a LIMB ENHANCER, but you didn't like how both your hands were DIFFERENT. So you did something to get rid of the other hand. Glad you made TWO limb enhancers. But those limb enhancers really ENHANCE your mechanical work and make life so MUCH EASIER.

You love almost practically EVERYBODY. Well, except your KISMESIS, but that's a different story. You love how DIFFERENT people can be, and DIFFERENT is okay. You are very DIFFERENT yourself. And you tell people that there's NOTHING WRONG with being different. But some highbloods don't LISTEN to you, given your blood color. You also enjoy making people LAUGH; it makes your DAY knowing that someone took the time to ENJOY your joke craftsmanship. You are very much in love with CINIUS MAIKEN, and he is your MATESPRIT. He basically fell for you the moment he MET you, and you joke that you have the power to make people LOVE you.

Out of all your peers, you are the only one who can COMPREHEND and DO math and science. Well, you are a MECHANIC, and you need to know a SHIT TON OF MATH. And you do. A subject you enjoy a lot is ART, and you claim that ANYTHING can be art as long as it has MEANING to it. Your matesprit only loves HISTORICAL ART for some reason, but then again, he is a LIGHT player and they are big on HISTORY. Whatever the case may be you jokingly tell him he's very PICKY about his art choices.

Your trolltag is gelasticGeek and you speak t0 pe0ple acc0rd1ng t0 wh0 they are but y0u are generally talkat1ve ar0und new pe0ple.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Giarua's lowblood status reduces her lifespan significantly, but she preserves through optimism of the future. She has a fascination for technology and machines, and always wants to help others with those subjects. Her fascination for them has lead her to become an expert at these subjects. Her special interests, along with her matesprit Cinius Maiken, are one of her many sources of happiness and she loves all of them.

She is initially shown as a very nice troll and always willing to help those in need. She often puts everyone else's needs before hers, especially with Cinius and his kids. However, she is capable of letting others help her, as Cinius helps her plan blueprints before starting anything. Before meeting Cinius, she was described to have an a void in her heart or a sense of loneliness in her, alluding to her status as a Void player. Giarua jokes around that Cinius filled the void in her heart with his light. Going along with jokes, Giarua enjoys cracking jokes and wants to make people happy and even laugh. Any time an awkward situation comes up though, Giarua nervously laughs as a mechanism to calm herself down.

Giarua has autism, which Nepeta Leijon is inferred to have. Giarua lives in social isolation as her matesprit does not live with her (her land is also described to very lonely), doesn't make great eye contact with anybody (even with Cinius) as her eyes tend to wander off, stims (by chewing on her fingers), despite wanting to help others she can't always get her words across, occasionally stutters, can get overwhelmed rather quickly and is very sensitive to loud noises. If something doesn't go the way she planned it, she gets really uncomfortable and Cinius tells everyone around to let it run its course.

Giarua takes great pride in her loss of hands and autisim, as she states that she may not be a normal troll, but she is damn proud of what she is and that she wouldn't want herself any different. As such, she will teach Romeda that they are both perfect the way they are and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.




Strife SpecibusEdit

Giarua's strife specibus is the technologykind. The technology is her hands, which are limb enhancers. They are located around her wrists and function as her new hands. She has artificial fingers that are not directly attached to the enhancers but they float around the palm of her hands. With her hand enhancers, she can create a shield and fire blasts out of her fingers.

Fetch ModusEdit

Giarua's Fetch Modus is also her hands. She designed her hands to captchalogue about roughly anything. The captchalogue cards are bronze and jade colored, symbolizing her and Cinius's relationship. At any point of time, Giarua can access the cards and even look over at them.

Her previous Fetch Modus is destroyed and unknown.


The MechanicEdit


Teerio TaliusEdit



GG: shes 0kay 1 guess
GG: but 1m n0t sure 1f she enj0yed tak1ng care of me

Cinius MaikenEdit

Romeda VashtiEdit

Austri FarsasEdit

Prinus FarsasEdit

Other TrollsEdit



  • Giarua's limb enhancers for hands is a direct reference to Peridot from Steven Universe.

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