Srokna Sign
Srokna Grenna


Srokna Before

Srokna 7SweepsUncursed

Srokna Homosuck

Srokna Dream

Srokna Godtier

Srokna Godtier Hood

Srokna Dead

Srokna Trickster

Srokna Trickster Hatless

Can't yOu see that i'm haPPy with this?


Maid of Heart


6 Solar Sweeps (13 Earth years)

Typing Style

Only capitalizes C, D, O and P. Types in non-standard form.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Selach Phalai - Matesprit (separated)

Klinei Torere - Moirail/Possible matesprit

??? Grenna - Dancestor

The Sentient - Ancestor (deceased)

"Antelopemom" - Lusus


Land of Sodium and Rings


Being cheerful, friends



Be the blind optimist.Edit

Your name is Srokna Grenna.

You sometimes succumb yourself in solitude, but you hang out with your friends most of the time. You are completely blind right now because of your old interest, but you are still very cheerful. You let all of your worries out like nothing bad happened. You just live normally, despite that you've been mysteriously cursed when you were young (approximately 4 Solar Sweeps to be exact), which nearly completely changed your appearance.

Your lusus is Antelopemom, who is often busy at things. You don't get bothered by her frequency of presence, which is rare. You keep in mind that she is everywhere. You may be blind, but you can "see" by your heart. You also know that somebody is interested on that ability of yours.

Your trolltag is genialGaijin and you "emPhasize letters that are useD in COmmOn emOtiCOns".

Fun StuffEdit

"Srokna" came from a Celtic derivation of "frown". "Grenna" came from the Old High German derivation of "grin". Her symbol is obviously a bell, referencing one from the Emoji keyboard.

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