Mystia Karono

Mystia V2

i would very muchh like it if you would quiet down...


Maid of Breath

Screen Name


Typing Style

no caps except for rare emphasis, doubles h, replaces periods with ellipses (...)

Strife Specibi



==> Be the shy oliveblood.

Your name is MYSTIA KARONO. You are an OLIVEBLOOD who lives in a HIVE near the OCEAN. While you are not a SEADWELLER, you do enjoy SWIMMING to pass the time. You are very SHY and don't TALK very much. When you do, it's usually to QUIET others, since you don't like lots of NOISE. The only NOISE you do like is the sounds ANIMALS make, as well as MUSIC. You love ANIMALS. They are something you like to TAKE CARE OF. You don't know where your LUSUS went. He must be off doing something again.

Your trolltag is gentleMoonlightM and you tend to trail off in your speechh...


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