Fallow Pecora


Knight of Life


6.7 Alternian Solar Sweeps (14.52 Human Years)

Screen Name


Blood Color

Olive Green - #438822



Typing Style

Doubles punctuation and replaces L's with a symbol that won't show up on this. (It's the secondary symbol on the same key as \.)


Deer Hoofprints

Strife Specibi

batkind (baseball bat), fryingpankind

Fetch Modus

Action Modus - Every time you pick up an item, you assign it to an action (i.e. pointing, jumping, rolling, catching, etc.). In order to get the item, you would have to perform that action. The item, when its corresponding action is used, is thrown at super high speeds. For instance, you pick up a knife and assign it to pointing. If you pointed at something, then the knife would be flung where you’re pointing at unnecessarily high speeds.


Land of Prosperity and Oasis

Fallow Pecora, also known by her trollian handle, gentleOdyssey. Her sign are two deeer hoofprints, representing her love for nature, expecially deers, and her lusus. Her horns are somewhat slanted and the left one is broken.

Her first name is Fallow because there is a species of deer known as Fallow Deer, and considering her lusus is a deer and she adoras them this makes sense. Fallow's last name is Pecora because the pecora is an infraorder of ene-toed hooved mammals with ruminant digestion. The name "Pecora" comes from the Latin word pecus, which means "horned livestock". The pecora is an ancestor of the deer.

Her weapon of choice is either a metal baseball bat or a decently sized fryingpan.

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