Aparit Symbol
Aparit Odious
Doom Symbol

Aparit Odious

Aparit Odious (Dream)

Aparit Odious (God Tier)

Aparit Odious (Grub)

wow this is stupid


Knight of Doom


7.38 Sweeps (16 years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces 'g' with 9 and doesn’t punctuate or capitalise when typing.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Arista Baleta & Ceylon Bismir - Auspistice
The Lawmaker - Ancestor
Geisst Odious - Dancestor
"Hydradad" - Lusus/Sprite
Squalid Straggler - Exile


Land of Gore and Pride


Playing violin, Miracles


Your name is APARIT ODIOUS.

You have some INTERESTS, being most passionate about PLAYING VIOLIN. For some reason you appreciate SUCKY PHOTOGRAPHY, blurred pictures in particular. You like clowns, making you aspire to become a PRO CLOWN once you mature. You have a midblooded MOIRAIL, but she's the best moirail of all in your opinion.

When TRIGGERED you get the weird urge to play your VIOLIN WHILE RAGING at yourself. You can only trigger yourself, but can often trigger others as well, causing you to lose many 'friends’. You go by the religion that often pursues MIRACLES. You weirdly care for anyone not caring if they like you as a 'friend' or not. You protect your 'friends' before yourself. Your weapons are two BUTTERFLY KNIFES and two BUTTERFLY SWORDS.

Your trolltag is ghostlyChaos and you couldnt care less about much of anything

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