Jonn Alcard
Jonny's Symbol

Jonny Gunsche


Jonny-God Tier-Hood Up

Jonny-God Tier

C'mon do you HAVE TO BE ANNOYING?!


Heir of Light


17 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types In A Decent Manner. Swears And Uses Slang A Lot. ABUSES CAPS When Angry Or Excited.


Metallica "M"

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Coin Album


Mom Alcard- Guardian Lizz Alcard- Inverted Daughter

Lives in



The Land of Steel and Rays


Thrash Metal Music, Collecting Retro Toys, 80's Cartoons, Old School Video Games


Flamboyant Freaks, Pirates, Snarky Comments


You are JONN ALCARD and quite frankly, you aren't in the mood.


Serious and quite the wisecracker, Jonn is the right hand man of Dill and takes most things, like his post, very seriously. He is usually quiet and tends to be quite the pessimist, especially on how he turned out in life.


The right-hand man of the L.O.W.S., he is the son of Mom Alcard. Hailing from thesame city as Dill within a smaller apartment, he grew up surrounded by pirates and vampires, which he later grew to detest. This led to his love of heavy metal and retro things. After awhile, he met Dill McClaw online and the two bonded. Soon the two met Lois and Joel while at a gaming convention and the four became fast friends.

After awhile, the four met Donn Ezekel at the same convention two years later and were introduced to Kwon and Kara by him. The seven became even faster friends and jokingly gave themselves alternate egos and corresponding numbers. Thus the L.O.W.S. team was born. They then vowed go to the same convention every year in their cosplays of their alternate egos.

The friendship lasts to this day as strong as ever.


Jonn was the server player to Kwon Angell and the client player of Dill McClaw. When he entered the Medium, he entered the land of Steel and Rays, a luminous land where massive rays of light bounce off of the steel structures and make seeing difficult. His quest is to get rid of the rays and let the light of Skaia reflect in the structures once more. His consorts were blue snapping turtles and his denizen was Yaldabaoth.


  • Gibeon is a greyish stone, hence the use in his tag. Considering his position in the L.O.W.S. team, he fits well with Dill.
    • Thrash refers to his favorite kind of music; thrash metal.
  • His associated color is gray.


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