Istina Pajita, also known by her trollian handle giftedChaotic, is a troll. Her trollhandle refers to her unique talent to spread chaos wherever she goes.

Istina Pajita sign
Istina Pajita

Beach series

Istina pajita dead

Istina Pajita Alterniabound



Witch of Mind


5.4 Solar Sweeps (11 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces H with }{ and p with ?. Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Doodle Jump


Dog - Lusus


Land of Puzzles and Snow


Your name is ISTINA PAJITA.

You love MATHS, particularly ALGEBRA. During the night, you WANDER around the area with your LUSUS, looking for something to CLIMB. You love CLIMBING, both on TREES and CLIFFS, so you sometimes take EXPEDITIONS into the MOUNTAINS as well, which are relatively close to your hive.

Your HIVE is inside a HOLLOW TREE, where you live with your LUSUS who is a DOG. You have several underground rooms as well, because you NEED THE SPACE. You have a habit of collecting JUNK, which you then store in the aforementioned rooms, although it often SPREADS around the rest of the hive as well. Your whole hive is a MESS, especially your respiteblock. You would tidy up, but you can't SEE THE POINT of it. It will just get messy again ANYWAY.

You are pretty SOCIAL, so you have a lot of FRIENDS, who you go to VISIT frequently. You also invite them to your hive occasionally, and have PARTIES, which make your Hive even messier than usual.

You are also quite MUSICAL, and play the VIOLIN as well as the PIANO. You ALSO WANT to play the FLUTE, GUITAR, DRUMS, TRUMPET and many other instruments. You like PERFORMING, although you don't get much chance to, as most trolls don't have your appreciation for music.

Your trolltag is giftedChaotic and you Raise Your Voice At Anyone W}{o Annoys You, W}{ic}{ is ?referably Never.


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