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You Know What? 4get A77 Of The Things

I’ve Ever Said To You. Wi77 That Make

Your Stupid 7itt7e Head Fi77 Up With Joy?

Annika Sentir


Teal blooded landweller (#008282)

Typing quirk

Capitalizes the beginning of each word to mimic emphasis and clear pronunciation, and replaces any words or word segments containing the “for” sound with the number 4. Replaces the letter L with a 7 to resemble the general shape of a Kama blade.

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Sheena Sentir(Dancestor, deceased), The Deciever(Ancestor, deceased), Scorpia(Lusus)


7 solar sweeps



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Witch of Mind


Land of Sea and Spires

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to enter, (Served By ?.






Annika is Hot-headed, a bit of an elitist, unforgiving, quick to turn against someone for her own personal gain, and a little bit naggy. Annika often corrects others when she thinks that something isn’t right. She never ever jumps into anything herself- she lets others go first and only intervenes if necessary. Often times she’ll try to charm someone or convince them to do things for her if she doesn’t see the need to or doesn’t feel like dirtying her hands. Whenever something doesn’t go the way she wants it to or when someone does something she doesn’t expect, she becomes extremely angry and often times get after [or in some cases, get even] with whoever she feels is responsible. Annika tries to keep everyone in line as best she can and will usually reprimand or go against anyone that defies her. If someone barks back at her or shows her up, Annika will constantly peck at them with (sometimes meaningless or senseless) arguments and will not let the fact that she thinks she is right go. In some instances, though, she is willing to swallow her pride and hold her tongue. However, despite her very prudish personality Annika is quite affectionate and is capable of sympathy and remorse, although she tries not to show it. Once she gets close enough to someone, she will lower her barriers and allow herself to follow them closely (and may even be extraordinarily clingy at times). This unfortunately can lead to her being blinded, taken advantage of or misused without ever even realizing it.

Fetch ModusEdit

Annika has Navy Sylladex Cards and uses the COROLLARY Fetch Modus. Annika only captchalogues items for emergencies and whatnot, and each time she does, she has to input an estimated amount of time that will occur before she might need the item again. If she tries to retrieve an item ‘too early’ [even if it is currently needed- as long as there is still time left on the card], all the cards in her Fetch Modus will ‘lock’ into place and no new items can be taken out or captchalogued for a variable amount of time. If Annika tries to bypass the lock or timer or repeatedly tries to remove an item out of frustration or desperation when the modus is locked, the object's sylladex card will explode. A frustratingly terrible consequence, as Annika sees it, but a necessary one for poor judgment. The only exception to this timed rule is her strife deck, which can be used at any time for obvious reasons. Her Fetch Modus is organized in a vertical line, and any card may be taken out, so long as its time is up.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Annika Sentir Hero Mode teeth
Annika wields the KNIFEKIND Strife Specibus. Her weapon is a dual wield Kama, tied together with a long, thin wire used to either choke a victim or as an alternative mean of attack [Slicing, Whipping, etc]. Annika spends much of her time working with her weapons to perfect her ‘technique’. In the heat of battle, Annika is swift and light-footed and attacks with a barrage of slicing or physical attacks, making her a difficult target to avoid and hit [although it is not impossible]. However, Annika is never the first to attack. She waits until the enemy makes a move before she strikes [unless she is enraged, in which she is brash and irrational]. She also attacks from afar by throwing one of her Kama knives and holding on to the other when needed. Annika absolutely hates to lose, yet she’ll easily accept defeat/abscond if there is no way out.


Annika’s Lusus is a gigantic scorpion named Scorpia. Scorpia is constantly angry and chastises Annika with violent tendencies when she does something that she disapproves of, resulting in constant bickering and disagreements. Despite her cruel way of caring for her, she manages to raise Annika well and teaches her what she needs to know. Scorpia doesn't often interact with Annika unless absolutely necessary, and spends more time out below the high plateau that Annika's hive is rested on where the troll cannot follow.


Annika's Hive is a small, black Castle, nestled on a rather large plateau that is close to and below some mountains. Annika's Respiteblock is rather large and dark, and all three of her windows have silk, black curtains on either side of them. Beside the one wall without a window is her recuperacoon. Next to that, she has her Red husktop on a black desk. Annika spends much of her time outside of her hive, as she enjoys the vast open space and it is an ideal training ground for her.


Annika enjoys fighting, mind games [like chess] and scenery, although there’s not much for her to look at outside her hive. She is very keen on tidiness and spends a lot of her time organizing things, although sometimes she’ll end up messing things up again without meaning to. Annika speaks to another troll in her group very often as she finds his practices intriguing, and will even speak with him about medicine, history or philosophy despite not knowing much about such subjects- just as long as she can keep the conversation going with him.

Witch of Mind

Annika as the Witch of Mind


Annika’s Title is Witch of Mind and her element is Gravity. Annika’s land is the LAND OF SEA AND SPIRES, and its Denizen is Hydra. Annika’s Land is a seemingly endless ocean encased in a rocky landscape. Stemming out of some parts of the sea and the rock are large spires made of crystal and encased partially in rock. The consorts of this land are crocodiles.

Ancestor Edit

The Deceiver- a soldier in the army who was sent to finish the job of another fellow soldier who had failed to capture a pack of rebels and their leader. She was in love with a medical doctor in the army and would often bring him fresh bodies and prisoners to torture or execute as he pleased. She did so with the male soldier who failed his duty and began to love the target that the army was after. The Deceiver captured both the leader, her accomplices and the male soldier and forced him to kill the lot as punishment. Once the deed was done, she brought him to the medical troll to torture and execute for his crimes.


Sheena Sentir Sprite
Sheena Sentir (sh-ee-nuh sen-tear) is a very timid troll of 9 sweeps and is Annika Sentir’s Dancestor. Sheena, unlike Annika is very shy, timid, emotional, insecure and pessimistic. She constantly berates herself and talks about negative things, usually bringing gloom to her team when it is not wanted. Along with this, she will cling heavily to anyone who shows her sympathy, empathy or remorse. Sheena is rarely ever seen smiling unless with people she considers close enough to break down her walls for. Only Trystn and Keslyr have managed to get close to her. Sheena has...a...tendency to space...her...words...and...speak...with meekness...and...hesitation. The Dancestor typically represses her emotions otherwise. She is capable of fury and wrath, but seldom lets it show.
It may also be even more cumbersome for the others, as Sheena does not often know how to react to situations and may decide not to at all.
While Sheena is very hesitant, she is actually enormously strong and agile. She has displayed this ability before in a dire circumstance, but unfortunately, Sheena does not ever jump into action or tap into such strength unless she is pushed to it. Sheena is also very bright and will typically be the one to figure things out before anyone else in her group.
Sheena fights with the DARTKIND strife specibus and her title is the Sylph of Mind.


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Annika’s Main Theme

Going Godtier


Created by AnnikaDoll


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  • Sheena Sentir, Annika's Dancestor

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